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Engine Oil Increasing???

24 August 2018 | Marshall Islands
Raining, heavy today
Engine oil increasing

Everyone knows the procedure . Check engine oil level before starting. I am a little lazy so, as the oil level has been constant, I slacked off and only checked it every week even though we run the engine daily to cool the freezer/fridge. One oil level check I noticed it increasing on the dip stick. After that I started checking it daily. Yes oil was creeping up the stick.

On our Perkins 4-236 this could be only 3 possibilities; 1/ Fuel was leaking into the sump, 2/ water was leaking into the sump, or 3/ my wife was adding oil while I slept. My wife, Phyllis, assured me she would not go into the engine room and touch icky oil. Ugh. The oil on the dipstick was black, not a creamy colour which would indicate water in the oil. So I was left with fuel in the oil.

Fuel will dilute the oil reducing the lubricating properties which could ruin the engine. Something had to be done. Further research left 2 possibilities; 1/ fuel was leaking past the fuel injection pump seal or 2/ the fuel lift pump diaphragm was leaking. Having the fuel injection pump overhauled was a costly, inconvenient project. I could find out more easily by changing the old lift pump for a new one. Easy to do and I carried a spare pump. I installed the new fuel lift pump in 30 minutes. Then I changed the contaminated oil for new oil and filter.

For the next week I checked the oil daily and was delighted to find that the oil level was constant. so problem solved. Conclusion; One should check oil and coolant before every start. Catch any potential problems early. And also, it never hurts to have spares. LOL
Vessel Name: Apolima
Vessel Make/Model: Durbeck 46
Hailing Port: Vancouver BC Canada
Crew: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Gary and I have just retired. We decided that since we always were going to go cruising in our retirement years, that this was the time to do it. So far we have made it as far as La Paz Mexico and have been stuck. It is marvelous. [...]
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Who: Gary & Phyllis Stratton
Port: Vancouver BC Canada