S/V Avalon

02 June 2019 | Wrightsville Beach
18 May 2019 | Anchorage Off Dolbow Island
09 May 2019 | Dragon Point
04 May 2019 | Vero Beach Coty Marina
29 April 2019 | Lake Worth inlet anchorage
24 April 2019 | Anchorage outside Boot Key Harbor
22 April 2019 | Marco Island
20 April 2019 | Burnt store marina
18 April 2019 | Burnt Store Marina
16 April 2019 | Placida, Florida
12 December 2018 | Sarasota
12 December 2018 | Test
15 February 2018 | Dataw Island, Beaufort, SC
12 February 2018 | Chapel of Ease, St. Helena Island
12 February 2018 | Beaufort, SC - Dataw Island
09 February 2018 | Bentonville, NC

Our adventures, February 8th to 15th

15 February 2018 | Dataw Island, Beaufort, SC
Pete, 80* & Sunny!
This is my first regular on time post after getting caught up with our adventures over the past two months! Hopefully, my posts will be on a more timely basis in the future.
Recently, while here at Dataw we finally have: our rebuilt transmission installed, our alternator overhauled, culled and organized everything aboard Avalon-removed over 500 lbs of unneeded "stuff", some we shipped home other stuff we gave away or disposed of. We are becoming pretty good at this cruising thing, at least the part of living aboard!
Our first year cruising has certainly been a learning experience! One of our biggest issues has been trying to locate things stored in one of the many cubbies, lockers, and other areas used on a boat for storage. Unbelievable how you can "loose" something on a 36' boat!( we still have not found a large pair of scissors we were using in October to trim up our shower curtain in the head!)
Another item we have been putting off is replacing our 15" TV with a 32" "smart" TV- even though we do not watch a lot of TV while cruising, it is nice to be able to watch a movie on a rainy day or while relaxing. The only downside is we also find ourselves watching the news more - usually a very depressing activity!
While being based in Beaufort is not what we had envisioned when we started cruising we have enjoyed being here since returning from our trip north.
We have met so many nice interesting people! This afternoon we were surprised by a visit from Dick and Celeste our gracious hosts for Thanksgiving! It was really great to see them again! We have been invited for dinner this Saturday to catch up on the past two months, looking forward to a nice evening!
Today while in Beaufort getting a haircut We ran into the gentleman whose boat was next to us this past week, he is still awaiting repairs to his engine and has moved his boat to the local Honda dealer for repairs. I guess that just like cars today the marine engines are so complicated that other than normal repairs, you cannot work on them unless you can plug in a computer to diagnose the more complicated issues.
Saturday we walked the historic section of Beaufort(see pics), we are still taking every opportunity to explore this wonderful area! Sunday we got invited to attended a "Barbershop" concert on Fripp Island-it was a fantastic concert!
We really treated ourselves for Valentines day this year and enjoyed dinner at our regular hangout, "Sweetgrass" restaurant here at Dataw, a wonderful evening with fantastic food, we were treated like royalty, our compliments to Chef Todd and staff!
Lastly, our cruising buddies Dean/Susan, s/v Autumn Borne reached "escape velocity " and broke the bonds at Velcro (Vero beach) and are now heading for the Bahamas!

We are so thankful and fortunate to be experiencing this first cruise, even though everything did not go as originally planned!
Vessel Name: Avalon
Vessel Make/Model: 36' C & C racer/cruiser
Hailing Port: Hop O Nose Marina, Catskill, NY
Crew: Captian: Muttley our Jack Russell, Crew: Pete & Bunny Fraleigh
Finally we are now both retired and heading out on our first cruising trip south down the ICW! We are now traveling south, seeing new sights, experiencing new things, meeting new friends, sharing new experiences while cruising aboard Avalon. [...]
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