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27 May 2008 | Olympia, WA

In the beginning...

27 May 2008 | Olympia, WA
Capn Nik / sunny and clear
My name is Nik and this is how it starts.....about four years ago I bought an old wooden powerboat(1939) and decided to leave it all behind and use it as an unusual transport down the coast as far as i imagined it might travel before we ran out of gas stations within 60 gallons of each other. We (me and my trusty hound kira) bought a 37' steel ketch and our horizons have broadened. We are leaving Olympia this fall or late summer wether we are ready or not...the bottom needs painted and my lack of real world sailing experience(lots of books)will require a trial by fire and a steep learning curve. We are ready for this summer means stocking up our larder, and any last minute fitting out I can afford. Any well meaning sailors willing to help in any manner(except telling me not to do it) are appreciated.
I do not run my engine and in fact have no interest in it, really...sails only is the way we will go...I like the old ways so much more than the to hear from other skippers w/ a similar mindset as well as potential firstmates!!!
Vessel Name: Breezin Again
Vessel Make/Model: folkes, cc37 ketch
Hailing Port: Olympia, WA
Crew: Kira Dogg
About: small, brown and able to be used as a pillow.
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Who: Kira Dogg
Port: Olympia, WA