Sailing with Celestial's Tripp

We are a Tripp 47 racing boat turned cruiser that we bought in Maine in 2009. We sailed it through the Panama Canal and up to Seattle then back to Mexico and over to Hawaii in 2012.

29 April 2020 | mazatlan
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14 December 2019 | Ensenada
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On to New Zealand

24 November 2014 | Sugarloaf Bay, Middle Harbour, Sydney
Overcast, nice and cool
In our last week here in AU. Our stop at Port Stephens was fantastic and included a super Halloween Party by Barbara and James Cole. We had 5 couples all from Seattle there to have our Aussie Rendezvous of the Puget Sound Cruising Club. We were amazed we could pull it off!! Barb took us around by car, poor thing, having to do two trips to get all 11 of us to the same event. Loved seeing the Maritime Rescue operation that she helps at. Did a number of hikes and kayaked around their bay.

We visited Oakdale farms for lots of wildlife experiences. Although Lone Pine Sanctuary back up in Brisbane can't be beat, since we had our son and daughter-in-law visit in Sydney and Port Stephens, this was the 2nd best. Paying $46 a person for the Zoo in Sydney seems too high but the bay right next to the Zoo wharf was great to hear sea lions and the numerous birds--kookaburras being our favorite.

We sailed down to Sydney after Port Stephens so we could be close to the airport when Nathan and Maddy flew out after their two weeks with us. We enjoyed Paddy's Market-Sydney's Chinatown, the Art Museum, the maritime museum , a walking tour of the city (look for the one for free near the Town Hall) and a not so cheap tour of the Opera House $30 but it was worth it. If you want to take buses, ferries, trains and light rail, the Opal card is worth getting for discounts. Sundays were only $2.50 for all day travel.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge costs $300 a person to climb but for $12, you could to the Pylon Lookout, climb 200 steps and see the bridge museum, much better. Enjoyed a service at the church right next door to the town hall-St Andrew's Cathedral and they offered a tour of their building especially featuring the meaning of their numerous stained glass windows, again, well worth it.

Rozelle Bay was our first small designated anchoring spot but it was pretty easy to get to town from there. Farm Cove is right behind the Opera House so a wonderful view and close for exploring their botanical gardens but too rolly. On to Athol Bay next to the Zoo, again, too rolly but a wonderful walk around Bradley's Head and Chowder Head. Chowder is not offered here as much as the US so we were hopeful we might find some near Chowder Head but no dice.

We had to wait for the Spit Bridge to open for us to explore Middle Harbour but it was worth it. We hadn't had a short bridge to wait to open for since the Northwest! Sugarloaf Bay was nice and protected and we did have some ugly weather come through. A local said it was very unusual to have all the ups and downs in the weather; usually it just stays nice for Oct/Nov. We had to abandon our walking tour of Sydney early due to thunder, lightning and rain and we had quite a distance to get back to the boat. But after living for so long in the tropics, this cooler weather is appreciated. Again, three months wasn't long enough for all a person could see in Australia but for our second time here, we were happy to see the cities we knew before and add on a few new ones. So glad I had my pictures from 1990 to compare the places with. Check out our gallery again for updated pictures.

We had read that departure would cost $47 a person but we were told recently there wasn't a fee so we're glad we won't add $141 to our customs fees of $770. We have already alerted NZ that we will be coming approx. Dec 10th and with no money asked for, we are ready for the change. Celeste commissioned this trip mainly to see where she was born and it's been just over a year that we've been gone. Again our plan is to be back in Hawaii around June 2015, Lord willing and head back to the Northwest after that so her two year plan is right on schedule.
Vessel Name: Celestial
Vessel Make/Model: Tripp 47
Hailing Port: Mere Point, Maine
Crew: Scott and Donna Hansen
About: On our first boat in 1977 Scott said, "One day I'd like to sail around the world." We did that from 1988 to 1996 on a J-36. Now we own our 4th boat, a Tripp 47 'Celestial' that we are retiring on.
We sailed from Maine in 2009 to Panama, up to Seattle, back down to Mexico and over to Hawaii in 2012. 2013 we went to NZ, Aust. and the South Pacific returning to Hawaii in 2015. In 2016 we sailed to Alaska and back to the Northwest. We kept our boat in Portland until April 2018 when Scott and [...]