Sailing with Celestial's Tripp

We are a Tripp 47 racing boat turned cruiser that we bought in Maine in 2009. We sailed it through the Panama Canal and up to Seattle then back to Mexico and over to Hawaii in 2012. In 2013 Celeste, our daughter offered to sail with us to see her

17 September 2013 | Kewalo Basin, Oahu
01 July 2013 | Seattle, WA
07 March 2013 | Chilibre, Panama
20 February 2013 | Honolulu, Hawaii
30 January 2013 | Sunset Beach
21 January 2013 | Honolulu, Hawaii
19 November 2012 | Pukao Bay
20 October 2012 | Okoe Bay, Hawaii
28 September 2012 | same
25 September 2012 | Palmyra
20 September 2012
13 September 2012 | Nawiliwili, Kauai
11 September 2012 | Nawiliwili, Kauai
01 September 2012
01 September 2012 | Wet Kaneohe Bay
27 August 2012 | Kaneohe Bay

San Quitin to Cabo

04 February 2019 | Baja
We sailed 124 miles to San Quitin, 141 to Cedros Island and then little hops to Turtle Bay, Asuncion, and Santa Maria. The highlight of Maria was fishermen selling us lobsters! Averaged out to $4 a piece for some small to medium size but they were tasty.

Fun getting to know yachties along the way. The picture shows two 'friends' we had to ask to leave but fun watching the boobies for awhile. Amazing all the different stories people have. We sailed into Cabo Christmas Eve so the cruise ships and tourist boats were in full swing but it was exciting. Manta rays even put on a show jumping out of the water.

We had our Cricket phones with the Mexico extension but even though they partner with AT&T, we didn't have coverage for days on end. We finally got a Telcel Sim card in La Manzanilla and Celeste's phone can handle two Sim cards so we switch to Telcel when we have to. It was $500 pesos for 10 gigs for 1 month and it is working out well.

Cabo is  crazy busy but it allowed us another Costco run, even finding a good Samaritan to drive us back to the marina with all our purchases. We were glad to move onto San Jose del Cabo.

Starting off from Ensenada

04 February 2019 | Ensenada
We had our awesome friend, Bill who commuted from Newport to Ensenada pick us up at the airport and drive us down to Ensenada.  He was the one Scott was going to sail to Hawaii with until plans were changed.

We took from 11/14  until 12/13  to get and put away provisions and do final upgrades for sailing. Scott worked on the boat June and July then flew home in August so the boat had sat since then so it needed some work. Scott had bought 160 feet of new chain and Celeste convinced Scott to install the new part to make our anchoring easier. Then when Scott tried to hoist the jib onto the head foil it jammed so that was a massive job.

Cruiseport was a great marina. Clean banos, laundry using US quarters (so plan to bring Some), lots of security and close to town. We got to watch the start of the Baja 1000, very exciting, then Revolution Day parade on 11/20. Ladies in full traditional dresses, men with fake  guns and ammo and every child a d most of the teachers were showing off each club and sport. Lots of fun. We did the tequila tasting, and caught a movie with English subtitles for $2.50. Friends took us to Costco and big supermarkets for provisioning.

 Had to show my Christmas display since the Groot was new from Celeste.

We had a great group of friends give us a send off and our next stop was San Qiutin, 124 mile sail.

'On the road again'

27 January 2019 | Barra de Navidad
Since we got back to the house in 2016, the boat has been renewed! We toured the possibilities of having Celestial up in Seattle but didn't like the $$$ or our options.

We ended up having it at Hayden Island, OR, Salpare Bay Marina and can't say enough good things about our accommodations or their help.

Scott split his time working on the boat, our house and our rental house so he was busy. He was deciding where to have the boat hauled out and painted the sky blue you see in the picture, when a friend asked him to sail to Hawaii with him starting in Ensenada, Mexico. He was going to have work done there so Scott decided to get his work done there also! It saved us lots of $$ and to get there, Scott had his cousin, Todd take a week, Celeste sailed with Scott for a week and I did a week. It worked out pretty well. We took the month of May, Scott stayed with the boat for two months supervising the work and he flew back in August. Celeste and I got full time jobs with the School District so we kept busy also.

Since then, his friend had a change of plans so Scott started planning sailing in Mexico so Celeste, Scott and I flew down in November and after another month of work, we were ready to sail south. Ensenada was awesome so that will be my next entry.

We are home again with the BOAT after six years

17 September 2016 | Seattle
2010 was the last time Celestial hit Washington waters, we have flown home every time since. But this year we sailed from Hawaii, enjoyed Alaska, sailed too quickly through Canada but were determined to make it home by Sept 1st.

Great to be back at the house with all it's amenities! Got to have adventures in the San Juans as well. Now to make the boat look like new!

Shearwater, Free Wi fi, yah!

09 August 2016 | Shearwater on Denny Island, CA
Canada is full of hideaway coves and lagoons but its nice to get back to civilization once in awhile. Believe me, they are few and far apart here in Northern Canada. We have gone 1000 miles since Sitka, AK, our entry after the 16 day sail from Hawaii. We've gone 486 miles from Coffman Cove, AK and we still have miles to go before we sleep...

We've had our share of rain but have managed to go out during just cloudy times. We had thunder and lightning and were sure we would get drenched motoring back to our dinghy after our meal at Shearwater with Steve and Elsie off Osprey from our Puget Sound Cruising Club. It was a busy Saturday night so our meal took hours but at least the rain stopped before we returned to our boats.

Shearwater has a regular marina but it was jammed full so for $20 we tied to a breakwater and got wi fi from the boat plus could tie up to do laundry and showers. They have a great facility. $6 for a huge load of laundry then I did $3 to dry but when I tried to add more quarters, it jammed so the clothes were hung up back on the boat. Thankfully we took them all in before we went to dinner or they would have been soaked all the way through with the downpour. Osprey anchored out but it wasn't much further than the breakwater.

We checked out their marina supply store and their grocery store. Elsie said she took the bus to Bella Bella and was happy with the larger grocery store there. Loved all their artwork around the marina!

Klemtu, a nice stop

09 August 2016 | Klemtu, CA
A very pleasant stop. Ended up knowing someone whom we first met in Fiji worked there so we had her come to dinner to catch up. Asked about her at the Band store and got a ride to her office!

Got to stay on a 'tourist dock' but there wasn't much room for others. Saw the hatchery and walked over what used to be the longest boardwalk in the world. The Band store was lacking fresh produce but you get used to that around here. At least it was right by the dock. We learned they use the word Band as we would use Tribe, the Band store and Band council.

We knew they did tours of the Long House but didn't take the time to see it. The sign is from the ferry landing. Great artwork!

Margaret Creek Wildlife Observation Site

29 July 2016 | Margaret Bay
072016 We had every intention of going to the Anan Bear Observatory but as we heard more about the bad anchorage and possibly having to motor 7 miles in our dinghy, it looked less likely. We did have friends who loved it and highly recommend going.

Then going to Coffman Cove instead of Wrangell, we were farther away so we found another Observation Site that we could tie up Celestial at a dock and walk to, so we did that one instead! Unfortunately this year the salmon aren't running yet so the bears aren't gathering as soon as in past years. We did have a great hike, ate huckleberries and blueberries, saw lots of chipmunks, a cute little frog, eagles and lots of SCAT so we knew bears were around, just not checking for salmon yet. The lake was very picturesque also. Just sorry I can't show more than one picture but please email us if you want more information or pictures!

Deer Sighting in Craig/Coffman Cove

29 July 2016 | Coffman Cove
071716 Our plans changed from stopping at Wrangell to see family; to going to Coffman Cove when my cousin, Bill Feller let us know that the ferry had broken down and couldn’t return his camper van to Wrangell from Coffman Cove. The Alaskain Ferry system dogged us again and again. You really can’t use them unless you have lots of time to conform to their schedules.

Coffman Cove had an expanded floating dock so we easily found a spot for $35 a night. For the most part, Alaska has very few shallow anchorages. We had to extend our anchor line a number of times to have enough scope so when we could find a dock, that was great!

My cousin and his girlfriend were there to greet us, they had just sent off other family members that morning. They have property 2 miles inland so we had fun getting to see it, checking out Craig 65 miles across Prince of Wales island and low and behold, there is a trophy mount that Scott finds at a thrift shop and picks up for our daughter, the artist who loves bones, hides, etc. We placed it in the head then asked Celeste to go fetch something and there it was! Now to get it home to Seattle…..

Part 3 of Tracy Don't try this at home

29 July 2016 | Tracy Arm, Alaska
As we were motoring down the channel, I decided to set Celeste, our daughter off on a big iceberg for pictures. I put the bow straight into a berg and left the motor idling and told Celeste to jump onto it. She grinned from ear the ear and jumped as we got some great pictures of the dangerous event. It was so awesome we picked another one and she did it again so we could get even better shots.

Not recommended but fun!

Part 2 of Tracy We made it to the Glacier

29 July 2016 | Tracy Arm, Alaska
Thank goodness, after getting in the tight glacier head and viewing the glacier up close,watching a few calving events--glacier pieces falling off, it turned out to be a lot easier getting the boat back out. The ice continued to shift until we could see an easy way back to the main channel. It was hard to think we almost didn't go all the way to the end of the North Glacier. The South Glacier looked WAY too closed up and we didn't see any tour boats going up that way either.

The whole day was super and we even got some sun to help us fight the bitter cold. By the time we sailed into Williams Cove again, I was physically and mentally tired but WHAT A DAY! We just had to do one more crazy thing.....

Part 1 of 3 - Icebreaking our way up Tracy Arm

29 July 2016 | Tracy Arm, Alaska
Tracy Arm was crazy beautiful with the mountains, waterfalls, sheer cliffs, and thousands of icebergs, large and small. July 9th was a very long day with 50 Nmi of mostly motorin, starting out at Williams Cove. We had to find a path through the ice as it constantly moved and shifted with openings turning into dead ends in minutes. Celeste was on the bow and hanging over to fend off with the boat hook. We pushed thru and crunched thru the small stuff as we avoided the big monsters.

Several chunks got under the boat and one took out our knot meter impeller. Finally we just had to turn back but shortly after that a new path opened up and we make it all the way to the North Sawyer glacier face and saw up close the power and noise of a calving glacier. An icy downdraft came off the face and was major cold but the shades of green, blue, and white reminded me of how great an artist our God is.

As I watched the grand spectacle, a nagging thought was slowly getting louder, "What if the ice shifts too much to get back through?" 'To be continued'

Tenakee Springs

13 July 2016
We had a great 4 day sail with Scott's cousin and wife going from Auke Bay to Funter Bay to Tenakee Springs and back.

The bath house is perfect temperature and the locals couldn't have been more friendly. One local was making salmonberry ice cream and passing it out in cones for free. He says he does it a couple of times a year. The bakery was out of cinnamon rolls (rats) but the scones, coffee bread, brownie and apple pie were fantastic. Each bite was better than the last. We got to hear a few 'near miss' stories about bears and saw locals with whistles around their necks. One local had the smallest sign stating homemade sale so we went in and purchased some knitting and crochet items. I am so glad we stopped although we couldn't stay for the slug slinging contest, sounded like fun! There were plenty of slugs on the road (only 4 wheelers on the island) for us to avoid.
This picture is off the internet but shows the bathhouse perfectly.
Vessel Name: Celestial
Vessel Make/Model: Tripp 47
Hailing Port: Mere Point, Maine
Crew: Scott, Donna and Celeste Hansen
About: On our first boat in 1977 Scott said, "One day I'd like to sail around the world." We did that from 1988 to 1996 on a J-36. Now we own our 4th boat, a Tripp 47 'Celestial' that we are retiring on.
Extra: We sailed from Maine in 2009 to Panama, up to Seattle, back down to Mexico and over to Hawaii in 2012. We went to NZ, Aust. and the South Pacific returning here in 2015. This year we will sail to Alaska and back to the Northwest.
Celestial's Photos - Main
We took 30 days to sail straight from NZ to Hawaii so we are proof that it can be done. Here's some of the shots I missed from NZ and on our way back.
25 Photos
Created 29 June 2015
I thought all this work was gone so sorry about the dups but had to post it.
20 Photos
Created 15 April 2015
The Cyclone was March 13-16 and now it's April but we've made a number of stops and now we are planning to leave NZ in less than a month! So many beautiful walks and places to visit.
15 Photos
Created 15 April 2015
This was a great stop although the river runs from 2-4 knots both ways most of the time!
6 Photos
Created 24 March 2015
Loved our month here; lots to see and fun to be with old and new yachting friends. More pictures later!
6 Photos
Created 5 March 2015
February found us in Whangarei where we found a spot waayyyy to shallow but got to see lots of Maori culture during Waitangi Day when NZ celebrates their treaty in 1840 with the Maori.
24 Photos
Created 9 February 2015
Enjoyed seeing more of New Zealand by taking a road trip. Hard to pronounce all those Maori names but keep thinking Polynesia.
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Created 11 January 2015
Last time we visited AU, we went from Bundaberg to Darwin and stayed a year. This time it was 3 months and went from Bundaberg to Sydney. Not far but loved being here for their wildlife, friendly people and Aussie talk.
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Created 24 November 2014
September we explored Bundaberg and now we are in Brisbane heading to Port Stephens next week. So much to see1
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Created 9 October 2014
Our friends, Larry and Karen whisked us off to the Aquarium, our first day here in Noumea and then the next day we visited their zoo. Prices were very reasonable also. By ourselves we visited the maritime museum, the WW2 museum and did the walking tour on Sunday when nothing was open! We tried to sail the 70 miles down to the Ile of Pines but adverse weather held us to the Ilot Casy and the Ile Amedee, both great stops.
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Created 5 August 2014
Fiji was again a place we visited in 1990 so it was fun to go back and see places again and send pictures to people who were with us!
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Created 23 July 2014
This is still our favorite place to sail because of all the day sails, great snorkeling and places to catch up with fellow boaters. Sorry, it isn't complete. Fiji internet is not cooperating.
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Created 23 July 2014
Vuda Marina was a great spot. We are as tight as sardines but a nice restaurant with live music, planned events like our horse races day, a washer and dryer and a bus or taxis to get into town.
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Created 28 June 2014
Most of our pictures are from riding the bus to and from the major areas of business on the island. We were mainly 'working', not snorkeling or hiking but others have and liked it!
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Created 14 April 2014
We had a stowaway--Sara, a praying mantis! Numerous squalls but overall a good 6 day trip.
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Created 23 January 2014
Great to be here for a month now. We didn't sail much but rode bikes, got rides, rented a car and used our kayaks around the harbor.
35 Photos
Created 4 January 2014
We started moving in November and now its December so we have some good shots to share.
27 Photos
Created 3 December 2013
We had our son's wedding in August, our daughter's graduation from the U of WA in June, we watched our son with lots of friends and family come across the finish line of the Seattle to Portland Bike ride. It was a full summer!
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Created 17 September 2013
After Costa Rica, we did one stop in Guatemala and a few in Mexico. We had never been in Guat. and sailors give it a miss, at least by boat but we have some good memories, at least.
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Created 23 June 2013
A change from our usual pictures, we agreed to skipper a 74 ft boat from Panama to Mexico and on board were 3 crew and 11 out reach students.
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Created 22 April 2013
Scott and I agreed to be relief skippers for a 74 ft boat taking YWAM folk to Costa Rica and Guatemala for missions and outreach.
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Created 20 March 2013
The news reported that sea waves would be up to 30 feet so we took a 2 hour bus ride to go see them. We were not disappointed and for some great video, go to "Pipeline goes wild 1/22/13 by Kevin W Smith. He was standing right beside us and did a great job.
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Created 30 January 2013
Loved exploring the Lahaina Prison and reading the offenses of 1855! The cemeteries went back even earlier. Great tour of the city.
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Created 21 January 2013
The national parks are great! Seeing turtles in the harbor and on shore. Had the car for a week so included some pictures from that trip also.
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Created 19 November 2012
After spending our month on lush atolls, Volcanic Hawaii is a big change. Being on the desolate south point of the big lsland feels more deserted than Fanning and Palmyra did.
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Created 26 October 2012
We were thankful for our 10 days there even though we hoped for 30 days. (See story) Seeing a house, wreck and barge that were there in '89 was neat plus finding out where the people were whom we met back then.
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Created 20 October 2012
Now we know what a tsunami warning sounds like. That started off our day as a skipper was aided to shore and then flown by the CG to Hawaii. We took some shots about the 65 ft schooner also. Leaving today but wish we didn't have to!
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Created 28 September 2012
Just got here last night at 4pm. It is so beautiful, I must have taken 20 shots just getting into the harbor. We were last here in '89 so look back later for more.
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Created 20 September 2012
We enjoyed getting on land when we were sure our anchor was holding. Had to put down an additional anchor after dragging twice in one night.
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Created 13 September 2012
Loved our short stop although we were hassled to anchor in an area deep enough for us.
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Created 11 September 2012
We knew the winds were going to pick up for the weekend 8/25 and 8/26 but we managed them until 9am today, Monday.
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Created 27 August 2012
Since I haven't put up many pictures of the boat, thought I'd show some here. They go back to 2009 when we bought it as a racer back in Maine.
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Created 23 August 2012
Scott and I have time to do the things that count - like preparing new jib sheets, cleaning windows, compartments and securing reef points. Also couldn't resist sharing these ray pics from s/v Grace.
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Created 23 August 2012
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Created 20 August 2012
Rare chance to see the bottom of a Tripp 47! We're into day 2 and other than being filthy (no showers in the yard), we're happy with the cost, the help and the temperature of Hawaii vs. rainy Seattle.
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Created 15 August 2012
We sailed into Kahului back in April 2012 but June and July were spent back in Seattle. Now that we're back and in sailing mode, I'm adding our underwater pictures and some from Maui, Molokai and Oahu.
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Created 4 August 2012
This was actually back in 2012 when Nathan sailed to Hawaii with us and then his 'wife to be', Maddy came over and celebrated her 21st birthday with us. They were married in Aug 2013 and she loves sailing!
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