Murphy's Great Adventure

This is the story of Murphy the sailor dog and his adventures by sea and land.

14 November 2012 | Charleston City Marina
09 November 2012 | Awendaw Creek
08 November 2012 | Waccamaw River
02 November 2012 | Carolina Beach, NC
29 October 2012 | New Bern, NC
27 October 2012 | Grand Hotel Marina, New Bern, NC
24 October 2012 | Oriental, NC
22 October 2012 | Tuckahoe Point, Alligator River
20 October 2012 | Elizabeth Cith
19 October 2012 | Goat Island, Pasquotank
18 October 2012 | Dismal Swamp
17 October 2012 | Hospital Point
16 October 2012 | Jackson Creek, Piankatank
07 May 2012 | Baby Owl Cove
07 April 2011 | Lancaster VA
13 March 2011 | Home on the Chesapeake
11 November 2010 | Home on the Chesapeake
29 April 2010 | Jackson Creek
28 April 2010 | Portsmouth North Ferry Landing
27 April 2010 | Dismal Swamp Canal, North Lock

Swamp Rat Wannabes

27 April 2010 | Dismal Swamp Canal, North Lock
We've spent the last two days traversing the Dismal Swamp. Tali and Murphy thoroughly enjoyed traveling this close to shore and I think each was contemplating how to make a break for it. Fortunately neither did.
Yesterday was the short trip from Elizabeth City to the Visitor's Center and the few heavy rain showers turned it into a movie afternoon. We've been promising to do this for sometime but the weather has been so nice we haven't had a chance. Tropical Breeze invited us over, we brought the "famous" Irish Terrier movie, "Firehouse Dog" and we settled in for the afternoon. At least two batches of popcorn later we made it to the end of the movie and the afternoon was gone. The party continued with burgers and sides, but by 8:30, both crews were ready to retire. We sure are a bunch of party animals.
Today we motored through the rest of the Canal and tied up at the north end between the bridge and the lock. Once the last lock-through has happened, you're cut off from leaving or from having other boats come in. It's a neat little spot and we always enjoy it.
You might have noticed that our forward progress has gotten slow. Instead of having a case of barn-door fever, we are getting a little sad that the trip is almost over. It's been a good one. However, all good things must come to and end or at least a transition point. Tomorrow we will pass Milepost Zero, the official start/end of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.
Vessel Name: Charm
Vessel Make/Model: Liberty 38
Hailing Port: Lancaster, VA
Crew: Jim & Kathy Bearden
About: The first mate is Murphy, the sailor dog. Murphy is a 4 (now 6) year old Irish Terrier that would probably rather be on terra firma but doesn't want to be left behind. tali and Nikki our kitties serve as moral support for Murphy but are pretty clueless as to what the trip is about
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Sailor dog Murphy and his cat buddies, Tali & Nikki
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Who: Jim & Kathy Bearden
Port: Lancaster, VA