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The Indian River

17 March 2009 | Prince Rupert Bay Dominica, Leeward Islands
Capt Chris, 80 degree's, light NE's in the Bay
Dominica is an extremely lush, mountainous tropical island. Today's picture was captured on the Indian River which flows from the mountainous interior and surges into Prince Rupert Bay where Christa is currently anchored. The Dominican people are very well organized and super super friendly. The local boat boys have organized into an association to cater to the cruising and charter boat crowd. They are all certified guides. They all have to take a six month course to become conversant as naturalists, they have standard tours so each group will essentially get the same experience for the same price as the next group. They appear to be very industrious in between blunts. They will get your water, they bring fresh fruit by daily and during these exchanges is when they let you know about a trip that may be forming. Each trip is a set price and it's wonderful that they go from boat to boat to maximize the number of tourists to keep the cost down.

But today, I wasn't so organized and I had to hire my own guide. His name is "Lawrence of Arabia." It is pretty funny because another boat boy's name is "Antonio Banderas." I get such a chuckle out of the whole thing and so do the guides. So today Lawrence rowed me way up the Indian River a bar set in the jungle. It is true jungle. In fact portions of Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest were filmed on the river. The opening scene features Tia Dalma the Fortune Teller in a jungle house. Lawrence took me to the spot it was filmed. I should have the pictures and video uploaded soon. It was beautiful and really interesting and fun to do. Thanks Lawrence!

Capt Chris

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I left Newport Rhode Island in September of 2007 aboard Christa, my Westsail32 bound for the worlds oceans. I spent the months of Sep-Dec 2007 sailing down the US east coast. In December of 2007 I made the jump to the Bahamas. February 2008 found me in Luperon Dominican Republic. After [...]
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