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30 December 2010 | San Francisco Bay Area
28 April 2010 | Naples Florida
08 January 2010 | Naples Florida
10 November 2009 | St Thomas USVI
25 October 2009 | Grenada
18 September 2009
01 July 2009 | St Davids, South Coast of Grenada
16 May 2009
12 May 2009
06 May 2009 | Bequia
29 April 2009 | Bequia
22 April 2009 | Bequia
17 April 2009
12 April 2009 | Marigot Bay St Lucia
10 April 2009 | Rodney Bay St Lucia
03 April 2009 | Rodney Bay St Lucia
02 April 2009 | Rodney Bay St Lucia

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10 April 2009 | Rodney Bay St Lucia
Capt Chris
Anyway, the picture was taken likely in 1993 timeframe aboard CGC Washington (WPB 1331) homeported in Honolulu. I spent four years aboard that ship. I still have the sword from that fish. Hence the term "marlin spike." Rope work, slicing and such is an art that originated in the old days of sail. A spike is an essential tool, even today aboard ship today that has so many applications. Today we use metal spikes, but back in the day the spike was cut off the Marlin. After we sawed the spike off the pictured fish, I spent many hours with 400 grit sandpaper and honing oil sanding it to a smooth finish. Anyway the picture was sent to me by Pat Hood, the big gorilla looking dude on the left. It was a great time in my life and likely the best tour I ever did in the Coast Guard. Things just seemed to get more complicated after my time in Hawaii Coast Guard wise.

So Marlin Spike Seamanship should create an avalanche of comments!

Capt Chris

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