S/V Earendil

21 May 2016 | Snead Island Boat Works, Manatee River
11 April 2016 | Regatta Pointe Marina, Palmetto, FL
17 March 2016 | Regatta Pointe Marina, Palmetto, FL
02 March 2016 | Regatta Pointe Marina, Palmetto, FL
02 March 2016 | Crow's Nest Marina, Venice, FL
21 February 2016 | Ft. Meyers Beach Mooring Field
17 February 2016 | Gulf Harbor Marina, Fort Myers, FL
16 February 2016 | Gulf Harbor Marina, Fort Myers, FL
15 February 2016 | Gulf Harbor Marina, Fort Myers, FL
13 February 2016 | Ft. Meyers Beach Mooring Field
31 January 2016 | Ft. Meyers Beach Mooring Field
25 January 2016 | Burnt Store Marina, FL
21 January 2016 | Platinum Point Yacht Club, Burnt Store Marina, Charlotte Harbor Florida
20 January 2016 | Sarasota Mooring Field
28 December 2015 | Regatta Pointe Marina, Palmetto, FL
16 December 2015 | Regatta Pointe Marina, Palmetto, FL
06 December 2015 | Gulfport Municipal Marina, Gulfport, FL
02 December 2015 | Gulfport Municipal Marina, Gulfport, FL
30 November 2015 | Clearwater Harbor Marina, Clearwater, FL
28 November 2015 | Moorings Marina, Carrabelle, FL

A Tour of Man-O-War by Dinghy

06 May 2011 | Man-O-War Cay, Bahamas
I finished the laundry in the morning and we worked around the boat. We had been concerned that the vent on the holding tank for the forward head wasn’t working properly. Bud had tried to clean it, but today, while we had water and power, Bud decided to take it apart. Both the vent fixture and the vent hose were plugged. Bud got them cleaned out and I helped him put the fixture back on.

Meanwhile, Ed and Karin had been working on their boat. Karin came over to the marina around noon to do a load of laundry and we decided to get together for dinner and before that for a dinghy ride. They came with their dinghy and Bud, Fuzzy and I joined them. Their dinghy is 10 feet long, but has bigger tubes and a higher carrying capacity than ours. I was holding Fuzzy, so Bud took the pictures, so today you get a picture of me riding in the dinghy with Fuzzy on my lap. We don’t put a life jacket on him for these dinghy rides because we’re in harbors where things are pretty calm and he never tries to jump away from me.

We took the dinghy to the south end of the harbor. That’s not where the business district of the settlement is, but there are pretty houses and interesting boats. Transients like us anchor there, or rent one of the moorings, and there are quite a few boats being stored there. You can tell the boats being stored because the sails are completely off of them. We came back and went all the way to the north end of the anchorage, too. There’s a bigger opening there, but it’s quite shallow. We saw many houses that we all agreed we would probably be quite content to live in once our sailing days are over. I put the other pictures Bud took in the gallery.

Later we had Karin and Ed over for supper. Bud grilled the second half of the snapper he caught at Rock Sound. The flavor was excellent, but the first time Bud grilled the snapper it was so thick he had undercooked it. This time he cooked it longer and he felt it was overcooked. We also had “baked” potatoes (done in the microwave, since we have shore power) and Karin brought some cucumber salad. After supper we walked up to the little ice cream stand on the corner and got ice cream for dessert. This was probably our farewell supper with Passages, as Karin and Ed have decided to move pretty quickly back to the US. They are having trouble with their windlass (device that brings the anchor in) and today their WiFi antenna broke, so they’ve decided to just head home. Home for them is St. Mary’s, Georgia. We had a good time with them these last few days and we will stay in touch.

Bud and I are heading back to the US, too, but having never been to the Abacos before, we will take a bit longer and make a few more stops.
Vessel Name: Earendil
Vessel Make/Model: Norseman 447
Hailing Port: Wilson, New York USA
Crew: Bud Campbell & Jill Bebee
About: We are a newly retired couple about to embark for points south. Our crew includes our 14 year old toy poodle, Knaidel, better known as Fuzzy. He is a somewhat reluctant crew member, but would rather sail than stay without us.
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