S/V Exit Strategy

06 March 2013
16 December 2011 | Sausalito, CA
21 July 2011 | San Rafael, CA
13 April 2011 | Oakland, CA
16 March 2011 | Unfortunately not in San Blas where I last wrote about bells
29 January 2011 | San Anselmo near San Francisco
27 June 2010 | Turtle Bay, Baja
14 June 2010 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
16 May 2010 | La Cruz anchorage
04 May 2010 | La Cruz anchorage
28 April 2010 | the rolly anchorage known as La Cruz
18 April 2010 | Marina Riviera de Nayarit
11 April 2010 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
02 April 2010 | La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
28 March 2010 | the pleasant village of La Cruz
24 March 2010 | La Cruz, Nayarit, Mexico
22 March 2010 | La Cruz


22 March 2010 | La Cruz
This morning Jean and I awoke to brilliant blue sunshine streaming in our stateroom hatch, the sounds of seabirds, and the ever present surf washing the nearby beach. It was another perfect morning aboard our ketch Exit Strategy. However, we both knew that the next 21 mornings could not start in the same fashion. Today was a travel day for Jean, who will be in California for the next three weeks. We will miss slowly waking up together in this magical environment.

Since departing Alameda on October 19th, Jean and I have been together practically 24/7. We are like many cruising couples, sharing a floating island and truly being together. In our old lives Jean took the ferry to San Francisco for a long workday at an internet startup and I walked a short distance to the Island Planet Sails sales office minutes from our dock. The best hours of the day were given up to work and business. Cruising changes the dynamics of a relationship. Most couples are not used to being together around the clock. I have said in the past that cruising makes or breaks a relationship. That may be generalizing to an extent but a relationship will change when a couple goes cruising. Like the tides relationships have their highs and lows. Like a sailboat, sadly, some relationships founder on a low tide. Others relationships thrive, deftly, or perhaps just luckily maneuvering around the hazards lurking under the surface.

After seeing Jean off at the airport I took the bus back to La Cruz. Walking from the bus stop to the marina my spirits were buoyed by some of the typical things around the village. As I walked down a side street, a rooster crowed loudly. I had to look for several seconds before spotting him proudly striding a decaying brick wall. Another block down a naked and giggling toddler ran in circles. Nearby a woman lay smiling in a hammock. At the plaza couples sat together on benches and kids played on the grass. Some older citizens sat, gazing, perhaps remembering when they were one of the kids playing at the plaza or a young lover with their "amor de la vida" at their side.

My thoughts wandered, thinking about Jean and the upcoming weeks. Although we miss each other the time apart will be well used. And before we know it we will be enjoying another magical morning, waking to brilliant blue sunshine streaming in our stateroom hatch, the sounds of seabirds, and the ever present surf washing the nearby beach.
Vessel Name: Exit Strategy
Vessel Make/Model: Amel Maramu
Hailing Port: San Francisco
Crew: Dave and Jean

Adventures aboard Exit Strategy

Who: Dave and Jean
Port: San Francisco