Big Frisky

Kurt and Pamela are sold up and are sailing aboard SV Big Frisky, an Outbound 46 with the Kona Boys, Honu, Kona and Chico. Join us while we learn what it is to be Blue Water cruisers and see the world. Follow us on Instagram @big_frisky

15 December 2018 | Abacos Bahamas
10 August 2018 | St Peters, Nova Scotia
17 July 2018 | Hadley Harbor, MA
12 July 2018 | Cuttyhunk
29 November 2017 | Downtown Providence
11 November 2016 | Morehead City North Carolina
15 October 2016 | Annapolis Landing Marina
30 September 2016 | Two-Mile Landing Marina, Cape May NJ
03 August 2016 | Charleston Harbor Marina
01 July 2016 | Charleston Harbor Marina
30 May 2016 | Charleston Harbor, South Carolina
29 May 2016 | Charleston Harbor Marina
28 May 2016 | Charleston Harbor Marina
19 May 2016 | Cape Canaveral
13 May 2016 | Bahia Mar Marina, Fort Lauderdale FL USA
12 May 2016 | Atlantic Ocean 140 miles South of Fort Lauderdale
11 May 2016 | Atlantic Ocean 60 miles from Old Bahama Channel
10 May 2016 | Atlantic Ocean 50 miles north of Haiti
08 May 2016 | Atlantic Ocean 45 miles north of DR
06 May 2016 | Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI

Old Bahama Passage to Ft Lauderdale

19 May 2016 | Cape Canaveral
Pamela, Warm and Sunny, light winds
Our return trip to the United States from the British Virgin Islands was marked by gorgeous sailing weather, day and night, with a sprinkling of thunderstorms to keep it interesting. I took this photo at dawn at the end of my stormy rain-soaked 4am to 7am watch. Mornings are the best time on Big Frisky passages, when I wake up the Captain to tell him I got the sun up for him and it's time for his watch.

Next, the dogs come up to the cockpit after keeping us company all night during our off watches. It never ceases to amaze us how adaptable they are. As long as they are with us. they are happy. Comfort stations again were very effective for passage making poochie potties.

Our six day trip gave us plenty of time to think about our winter in the Virgin Islands and all the things we would miss.
1. Easygoing West Indian attitude and love for fun.
2. Being met and greeting EVERYONE with "good morning" or "good afternoon."
3. Snorkeling off the back of the boat
4. BBQ ribs out the food truck
5. Mooring balls
6. Friendly island dogs (and chickens, goats and donkeys)
7. Anegada Lobster
8. Sunday morning gospel singalong in line at the grocery store.
9. White sand beaches and turquoise water
10. Making life-long friends

We also thought a lot about the many things we were looking forward to when we got back to the states:
1. Fountain diet coke! They do not serve fountain drinks in the islands.
2. Knowing where to find stuff the grocery store.
3. Easy and inexpensive access to boat maintenance and repair goods
4. Driving on the right side of the road.
5. And specific to Indianapolis: an Arni's Junior Salad.

Most of all we look forward to seeing old and new friends and family in the US, visiting up and down the east coast with road trips to Indiana and Colorado. I feel like we have accomplished another goal, having been to the Caribbean and back. Can't wait to see what the next big adventure has in store for us.
Vessel Name: Big Frisky
Vessel Make/Model: Outbound 46
Hailing Port: Carmel Indiana
Crew: Kurt and Pamela
About: Kurt and Pamela have been together for sixteen years and recently married. Kona, Honu and Chico are avid sailing companions and are committed to keeping all ducks off docks wherever they may go. Kurt is a retired editor for a publishing company and Pamela is a retired college librarian.
Extra: After travelling through the Great Lakes and out the St. Lawrence Seaway, Big Frisky and her crew are ready to start the next leg of their adventure, a passage to Tortola, British Virgin Islands.
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