SV Glendora

19 January 2021 | Halifax Harbor Marina
17 January 2021 | Palm Coast Marina
10 January 2021 | St. Augustine Municipal Marina
09 January 2021 | Pine Island
08 January 2021 | Sisters Creek
06 January 2021 | Fernandina Beach
05 January 2021 | Cumberland Island
04 January 2021 | Cumberland Island
20 October 2020
15 May 2020 | Brunswick Landing Marina
06 April 2020 | Brunswick Landing Marina
04 April 2020 | Perfect Social Distancing Spot
02 April 2020 | West Bay, New Providence
28 March 2020 | Norman’s Cay
23 March 2020 | Big Majors Spot
22 March 2020 | Black Point Settlement
21 March 2020 | Little Farmers Cay
14 March 2020 | Rudder Cut Cay
12 March 2020 | Leaf Cay
11 March 2020 | Lee Stocking Island


19 January 2021 | Halifax Harbor Marina
Teri and Lee | Sunny 60 degrees
We enjoyed our peaceful stay at the friendly Palm Coast Marina. We left the marina and shortly thereafter, found ourselves stuck in the channel. We were closed to low tide and we stayed "anchored" in one spot for two and one half hours. We thought that perhaps with our sails out perhaps we could lean enough to float us off. But no, we just needed to wait.

We are now safe and snug at the Halifax Marina- with less than one foot below our keel of six foot. Zoiks.


17 January 2021 | Palm Coast Marina
Teri and Lee | 54 degrees, wind light
For the first time ever we ordered pizza delivered to our boat at the marina. Palm Coast is a friendly place just four hours from St. Augustine.

St. Augustine

10 January 2021 | St. Augustine Municipal Marina
Teri and Lee | 50 degrees and cold!
First thing this morning, I called the marina to confirm our reservation and to ask for slack tide at the marina. Reviews of the St Augustine Municipal Marina included a warning that the currents can make docking tricky and it is best to come in at slack. Our charts showed low water at 12:15 pm and slack 15 to 25 minutes thereafter. The marina stated that slack at the marina was 12:05 for today but arriving an hour either side would be fine. We timed our bridge transit at 11:30 and we were set to dock at 11:45. Going down the fairway it was very clear that we had a strong current through the marina. With my captains ballet moves and help from the dock hand, we smoothly got all tied up and settled.

When I checked in at the marina office, the manager confessed that he gave me Sunday’s rides. All went perfectly anyway.

We had a wonderful socially distanced dinner with our patron, Lance. Thank you Lance. We had a great time.

Pine Island

09 January 2021 | Pine Island
Teri and Lee | Cloudy 45 degrees, 12 knots NW wind
Good day today timing our passages under the bridges to avoid standing waves. Lee has a toothache. St Augustine tomorrow.

Outside of Jacksonville

08 January 2021 | Sisters Creek
Teri and Lee | Cloudy 55 degrees and windy
We timed our departure at 11 am to have a rising tide for our journey of 25 miles. The wind was strong and cold and we needed to concentrate on our driving to stay in “Bob’s tracks”. Bob is the guru of the ICW.

The Salty Pelican

06 January 2021 | Fernandina Beach
Teri and Lee | Sunny 63 degrees
We motored over to our Fernandina Harbor marina this morning. A couple of hours after picking up our mooring someone from the marina came by and let us know that the number 2 mooring very recently failed. The pin parted from the shackle and off went the boat. We then checked our connection to the pin and added a few plastic ties to hold the pin in place.

We had an enjoyable lunch at the Salty Pelican and took a stroll around town. Love Fernandina Beach even when chilly.
Vessel Name: Glendora
Vessel Make/Model: HR 37
Hailing Port: Anacortes
Crew: Lee and Teri
About: We are heading to Florida for a few months and then we plan to join the Lobster Roll Rally with SV Taravana and MV Moondance in June 2021.
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