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26 November 2008 | Opua, New Zealand
24 November 2008 | Opua, New Zealand
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18 November 2008 | Minerva Reef
17 November 2008 | Minerva Reef Yacht Club
17 November 2008 | Minerva Reef
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03 August 2008 | Pago Pago, American Samoa

Eventually You Have to Make Your Own Decisions

17 November 2008 | Minerva Reef Yacht Club
We got up ready to go. Winds were 1.5kts gusting to 2.2kts. Minerva Reef blue is a color both opaque and transparent at the same time. We could see down 65' to the marks in the sand from our anchor chain. K & B brought over grib files, which are raw weather data, not the usual charts we use for decision-making which have been drawn by a meteorologist with a brain. We had expected very light winds, but it looked like absolutely no wind for 36 hours. Although prepared to motor for a while, we were really concerned about using that much diesel and not having it for other critical weather situations and decided to stay. So did everybody else. We all know that we face a challenge, as pretty much nobody gets to NZ without winds to 40kts, but that the forecast still puts it NNE and we can take it aft of the beam just fine. The spirit of yacht clubs and Jimmy Buffett drifted in the pass. We went over to Winddancer, whom we had not seen for some time, who had just arrived at dawn and pretty soon we were drinking beer then rum punch with sides of popcorn before noon. Turns out so was everybody else. People we hardly know called to ask us over for rum shots and fish. Dinghies are going everywhere to dive and snorkel. We set Johan up with K & B to snorkel; they just did a course with Reefcheck under the auspices of OceansWatch. Then he will be off with the savviest spearfisherman of the lot (last job monitoring elections in Afghanistan), who came by to ask how many fish we wanted because everybody wants to spearfish but nobody wants to take more than they can eat or give away. Folks are digging around for spare tips because they have dinged theirs up. Other than make a batch of brownies, there is no work to be done. Just wait lazily in a most exquisite place.
Vessel Name: Hannah
Vessel Make/Model: Mason 44
Hailing Port: Brinnon, Washington, USA
Crew: Steve Wrye, Tracy Willett, Nolan Willett
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Hannah's Crew

Who: Steve Wrye, Tracy Willett, Nolan Willett
Port: Brinnon, Washington, USA