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10 December 2009
Hi Everyone,

We are in La Paz and this is my very first blog. I really am enjoying it here. It is a very peaceful, tranquil, low-keyed town of about 160,000. Everyone is very friendly. My Spanish is improving. The people are very patient and willing to help me speak better. In return I help them with their limited English. It has cooled down a bit from when we got here (80's vs. 90s). It's dry and desert like. The humidity runs around 40-50% on the boat. We haven't seen any rain and the sun shines everyday. We are staying at Marina Palmira. They have electricity, water and laundry here. Several of the boats from the Baja HaHa are here. We do a lot of walking. It's two miles to town where you can then get the bus to get around the central part of town. By the time we get to town its just as easy to keep walking. There are taxis too, but we prefer to walk. If we have very many "refrigerated" items from the store we take a taxi back. Everyone seems to run at a slow pace, doing one thing a day and then relaxing.

My favorite place to walk thus far is the Malecon, a 16-20 foot sidewalk along the beach. The picture is one of the bronze sculptures along the walk. There are about 10 different ones. There is rocky beach for the first part by the marina and then changes to sand. They have put up thatched umbrellas along the beach for shade. There are benches all along the sidewalk. The street runs next to the walk and across the street are mostly places to eat with a few stores. This is the only place that is kind of "touristy". It's mostly locals here with some "snowbirds" from the USA and Canada. This is not at all like Cabo San Lucas where all along the beach are hotels and bars with loud parties all day and night. It's quiet for the most part. Half way down the Malecon is what they call the Kiosk. It is a pavilion that has a stage and where they set up tent/booths for special events. Most weekends there is something going on there. Last Sunday it was set up for the children of La Paz with free games, arts and crafts. They also had a pet contest for the kids. It was fun for all.

Well this is all for now. I have really enjoyed the sailing and the new experiences. I plan to add blogs about our past experiences as time permits. Let me know if you read this and have any suggestions for me. Remember anything you write on here can be seen by all. If you want more privacy email me.

Until later - - - -
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