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San Juanico

23 November 2015 | Isla Coronados, south anchorage
overcast and calm
11-23-2015, Isla Coronados, south anchorage, 26 06.286N:111 16.12W

We had a descent passage north from Escondido to Caleta San Juanico with only a little bashing involved north of the Isla Coronados channel. We took some large swells on the beam entering the harbor, and showed off our new bottom paint a bit.

Our friends on Scoots were a welcome site sitting peacefully at anchorage in the lovely bay. Anticipating our arrival in San Juanico they had bashed out of Bahia Concepcion then traveled south to welcome us from our 500+ mile journey up from PV.
We stayed for 6 days waiting out 2 northers and met some new friends while reacquainting with old.

This is Impulsive in a perfect northern wind anchorage between the 2 pinnacles

This is the pinnacle to the left of us

And this is the pinnacle to the right of us

We had reef about 75 ft away on either side during brief and mild east and west winds. It was perfect though I did do an anchor watch one night after hearing tales of a boat going on the rocks during an unpredicted freak south blow. We did have 2 anchor watches active so I really had no reason to worry. It was a lovely night.

We explored the beaches

Celebrated my birthday

Added our contribution to the cruiser shrine tree located on the beach directly north of our anchorage.

And managed to produce our first eye splices around a thimble for our new anchor bridle. The smaller one is the practice piece. The 1” 3 strand was much more challenging, but made so much more manageable with the fid loaned to us by Eric and Vandy on Scoots!

On the 20th we pulled anchor and headed south….yes SOUTH aka downwind sailing at last! We had a lovely sail wing on wing (boom extended to the left and genoa deployed to the right or visa-versa depending on the wind) for a large part of the sail between 4-5.5 knots, and once rounding the spit at Isla Coronados we had a screaming beam reach with a boat speed up to 9 knots. What a way to finish a perfect day.

We have been here for a few days, and all is well. The first morning we had a bait ball of sardines under the boat all day with a dozen or so of yellow fin Tuna gorging themselves. I spotted them while Morris was in the shower. Hurry quick, get your pole! He had landed a small Pacific Sierra (cousin of the tuna and mackerel family) within 30 minutes, but the yellow fin eluded us all day alas. Still the Sierra was tasty last night for dinner! Guess who is out fishing again this morning….

Next stop is either Puerto Ballandra on Isla Carmen or Honeymoon Cove on Danzante. Either will be fine with me. We are watching the storm develop down in the Tehuantepec, and are within a couple hours of Escondido a good hurricane hole. So far the storm is predicted to kiss Cabo San Lucas and make landfall north of Mazatlán by late Friday early Saturday, but for now it is calm seas, overcast, and lovely blue water.

Take care and Cheers from Impulsive.
Vessel Name: Impulsive
Vessel Make/Model: Outbound 44
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA, USA
Crew: Morris and Debbie Adams
About: Morris Adams, Retired Boeing after 33 years, Electrical Engineer doing Integrated Circuit Design. Debra Adams (Debbie), Retired Verizon Wireless after close to 20 years, Electrical Engineer doing RF Engineering Systems Design.
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