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One, two, skip a few

16 March 2016 | Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
overcast and hot
Let's play 1, 2, skip a few 99, 100 only with Months. I have been remiss in my blog upkeep. A combination of lousy Internet, places with no Internet, things to do, people to see, and so on. There, I am done with excuses.

Since my last post we have been to Agua Verda, San Evaristo, Espirito Santos, Marina Palmera in La Paz in December. Several interesting stories to tell, but will catch you up with them later. Hint: One story involves an un-named boat dragging up Scoot's anchor, then stealing their anchorage spot after Scoots supervised the untangling of the anchors, and cleared out of the way of said un-named boat.

In January we went to the Mexico State of Chihuahua passing through Sinaloa, and toured the great Copper Canyon. The Copper Canyon for those that do not know it is twice as high and twice as big as the Grand Canyon in the USA. It actually has 3 environmental levels. The bottom grows banana trees year round, while it can snow at the top.


It was a wonderful trip complete with snow, yes snow in Mexico, at the summit and a frosty 46 degrees. We ferried from La Paz to Los Mochis, barely missing the capture of Chapo the drug cartel 2nd in command while we were there. We were wondering if all the police blockades and presense throughout our travels was normal...It was not, as we did not see them on the way back. From Los Mochas we took the train "Chepe" up to Posada Barrancas. We stayed a lovely 2 days at the top at Hotel Mirador complete with a dusting of snow, then did the reverse trip.

We left the La Paz area late January crossing to Matanchen. Nice downwind sail for about 34 hours, with a little motoring at the beginning and end for a total of a 48 hour passage. Not bad for that passage really. We anchored in La Cruz anchorage, then came to roost at Paradise Village Marina where we spent last summer/fall.

Coronado Beach

In February we rented a car in Puerto Vallarta and drove to San Diego to see the Grandkids and our daughter Chelsea (Kid's Aunt Chelsea). Had lots of fun doing Knott's Berry farm 2 times, the zoo, the safari, LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, etc. The kids managed to wear us out and themselves too in just a weeks' time. We had so much fun, and thank you Kim for letting us spend time with the kids!

We managed to get most of our boat spares list completed, this trip with the help of our Nephew Jeremy and his wife Alayn. They let us send all kinds of stuff to their house in Arizona, which we picked up on our way back to Mexico. It was wonderful meeting our new great nephews David and Rocco. Thanks for the hospitality Jeremy and Alayn!

All in all we put over 5,000 miles on the car, and only chipped the windshield. It seems 80% of the highways in the Mexican State of Sonora are under construction. We did learn to drive like a Mexican! Well not really as they exceed the speed limits up to 100%, almost never stop at street signs, and BTW what street signs?? Most are ignored anyway. No passing...even semi-trucks (doubles and triples) do it in no pass zones (i.e. active construction zones - double yellow 18" lines). I swear I had the bus version of Steven King's Christine following me yesterday. Everyone is aggressive, and it is a national sport of "chicken" here. Even cyclists and pedestrians are in on it. Wait that's no different than Ballard!

Since we have been back we have been busy getting ready to do the 2016 Pacific Puddle Jump. It is a loose rally of boats departing North and South America heading to French Polynesia. Most go to the Marquesas, and eventually meet up in Tahiti in June for a party. We have the lovely Leigh Thomet joining us for the crossing, and will say farewell to her in Nuka Hiva, Marquesas where she will fly to Tahiti, then back home.

If you have not figured out yet it is hard to plan things as a cruiser. We have a rough idea and can make general plans, but if we like someplace we stay, and if we do not we leave. That being said we have a rough itinerary going from the Hiva Oa Marquesas to the following locations.

Marquesas-Tuamotus-Society Islands (Moorea, Tahiti, Bora Bora), Cook Islands, Nieu, Tonga. We hope to be in Tonga by November, and are tentatively planning to spend cyclone season there. At least we have Insurance approval to do so. Otherwise we will go onto New Zealand.

Well you are now caught up. Sorry for the delay. I hope to send updates (text only) while in-route to the Marquesas. I should have some free time on the 3-4 week crossing...Maybe.

I am almost ready on the boat. I have shopped til I dropped, and have stowing everything left on my list of to-do. I keep looking at the water line, and wonder if it will be me to sink the boat.

Morris has a few things left on his to-do list too, but it is getting smaller. As my friend Vandy reminded me recently, we do live in Paradise and need to take a breath to enjoy. Great words to live by. I am working on it. Take care and will post soon.


Vessel Name: Impulsive
Vessel Make/Model: Outbound 44
Hailing Port: Seattle, WA, USA
Crew: Morris and Debbie Adams
About: Morris Adams, Retired Boeing after 33 years, Electrical Engineer doing Integrated Circuit Design. Debra Adams (Debbie), Retired Verizon Wireless after close to 20 years, Electrical Engineer doing RF Engineering Systems Design.
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