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Relaxing & Repairing Things

02 August 2012 | Frikes, Ithaca
It has now been 48 hours since the anchoring incident in Kioni that I posted about earlier. Tyler met up with some kids his age from Canada and Greece and was out until 2:30 am that evening while I stayed up in the cockpit waiting, providing a bountiful feast for the Greek mosquito population. We left Kioni yesterday morning and spent part of the day at Vathi, the capitol of Ithaca. Did some provisioning and had lunch ashore before heading north again for the evening. We ended up in a small bay, just outside of Frikes which is another small community on Ithaca. After we were settled our neighbors to port hollered greetings and I went over in the dinghy with Tyler to chat. They are from the south coast of England and are familiar with the Discovery 55. After quick introductions we were invited to join them ashore later in the evening for a bonfire on the beach. With three adults and four teenagers onboard, we were all looking forward to socializing a bit with others. Simon, Louise, Julie and their families are here on holiday and and we spent an absolutely delightful evening together. After an hour or so onshore at the bonfire, the kids took one of the dingy's into town to meet up with the larger group of kids that Tyler met the night before. The adults came over to our boat and we sat in the cockpit until sometime after 1am. Tyler and the two older boys, Sam and Gabriel, returned sometime after 4AM. I'm very thankful that he's beginning to make new friends here. The first 10-12 days here were challenging for him after leaving behind a great group of friends and an exceptionally active social life.

Today was a project catch-up day. I repaired the swim ladder, using opposing tension from lines tied to two winches to bend it back nearly straight. Also installed a black water tank level monitor in the aft head, with two more to install on other tanks sometime soon. Repaired a shower door which had come loose during the rolly passage down from Montenegro. Partially disassembled the anchor windlass in an effort to get it to work manually but failed valiantly on that one. I'll have to contact the folks at Lewmar for next steps on that project.

Tomorrow we'll head to the island of Cephalonia, just west of our present location on Ithaca. We need to top off of our water tanks (I'll commission the water maker soon) and do a few other errands. We're heading to the town of Fiskardo and hope to find a nice quiet spot nearby to anchor for the evening.

It's a beautiful evening as I write this sitting in the cockpit. We have a full moon shining on the water ahead of me and the air is cooler than usual tonight. Tyler and the boys are playing guitar and ukelele up on the bow. Waves are lapping gently on the shore behind us. I'm tired, but life is good tonight.

Vessel Name: Interlude
Vessel Make/Model: Discovery 55
Hailing Port: Annapolis, MD
Crew: Dan, Christine & Tyler Rice
After 11 years of sailing primarily in the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior, our family is about to begin a much anticipated sailing adventure in the Mediterranean Sea and beyond! Dan has been preparing for and dreaming of this voyage for years; Tyler has deferred his admission to St. [...]
Hope the way is long. May there be many summer mornings when, with what pleasure, with what joy, you shall enter first-seen harbors... Keep Ithaca always in your mind. Arriving there is what has been ordained for you. But do not hurry the journey at all. Better if it lasts many [...]
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