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24 August 2018 | Neah Bay, Washington
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24 February 2018 | Tacoma, WA.

Making Progress!!

02 June 2018
2 months and 8 days away from departure. Mast not yet back on the boat?? No problem!! (We love a good challenge.) =) Here Chelsea is applying coat #1 of 3 or 4 of Pettit semi-gloss epoxy paint. We will be back down to the mast tomorrow to give it a light sanding before laying down the next coat. We hope to have the mast out of Ian's barn and back down to the boatyard soon. (Ian and his wife are absolute stars for letting us use their space!!)

Removing the hardware from the mast presented a bit of a challenge, as it had spent many years attaching itself firmly in place in the saltwater marine environment. It was nothing a little elbow grease couldn't fix...along with the help of a torch, an impact wrench, some PB blaster, etc.

Both furlers were a bit worn. We are having the genoa's Profurl LC42 refurbished and we are ordering a brand new Profurl LC32 to replace the staysail's Merriman furler. The standing rigging has been replaced and is ready to be picked up from Ballard Sails. We will be replacing all bolts, tangs, running rigging, and lifelines. And, in addition, will also be having the chainplates duplicated and electro polished. We will keep you posted on our progress!! =)
Vessel Name: Jean Anne
Vessel Make/Model: Lord Nelson 35
Hailing Port: Tacoma, WA.
Crew: Steve, Chelsea, and Monkey
Home Page: http://www.svjeananne.com
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