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01 May 2014 | Fat Deer Key
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22 June 2012 | Stuart, Fl
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Not always happy

29 April 2012 | George Town
Well we are back in the WIFI world for a while. We have come back to George Town to watch the "Family Island Regatta"
After we picked up our pal from Asheville on Thursday, and did some grocery shopping on Friday, we were good to go somewhere so we headed up to Barretaria for the protection from the south winds predicted. It was a good sail up and just a beautiful day.
The next day the wind was switching around to the west and was supposed to get fairly strong. So we moved to the lea side of the island. Nice spot very calm and a beautiful night sky full of stars
Monday morning I hear a "May Day" from a vessel close by,(within 5 miles), as law requires I responded, the French gentleman was hard to understand due to broken English, but did not know where he was. The vessel was in peril, but all lives were safe. He described where he was, and finally was able to give me some coordinates. His boat had been washed up on Boysie Cay by the strong west winds and 5 ft. seas. Somehow either he had anchored too close or his anchor just gave way. Another boat replied and offered to go the 2 miles in his "Boston Whaler" type boat to try to assist, and ask if I would come along to help.
This guy happened to be in the marine salvage business locally and was on vacation heading for Regatta. But he was set up for this kind of madness. When we got to the boat in peril it was on the bottom and listing 20 degrees, and getting pounded in the heavy rollers. This guy was REALL REALLY good with a boat. We are standing in knee deep water in the whaler, beam to the waves and getting tossed about. I manage to sling a ¾ inch long line to one of the people on board he cleats it off. But even with a 100hp engine could not get the boat to budge. So we set another anchor to keep them from getting forced closer or shallower, but that was all we could do.
Then that night the saddest night of all happened. Our dear, dear "Sissy" decided it was time for her to go to dog heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though we knew it was inevitable, as she was eighteen years, we were devastated.
On Tuesday we chose a nice spot on a beach under a nice shade tree and buried her and said our last good byes. She will be missed greatly!!!!!!
We needed to keep our minds occupied so we decided to head for the Brigantine Cays, (23 42.999n: 76 09.607w), which we have always wanted to visit but never made it. They were beautiful and extremely quiet, with beautiful beaches. We stayed overnight then headed south for the races.

Vessel Name: jusdreaming
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 37 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Stuart, Fl
Crew: Denny & Diane DeRanek
About: Admiral- Diane First Mate- Matilda
Home Page: http://www.svjusdreaming.net
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Who: Denny & Diane DeRanek
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