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The trials and sailing tales of Denny & Diane

01 May 2014 | Fat Deer Key
30 April 2014 | Channel Key
29 April 2014 | Shell Key
28 April 2014 | Cow Pens/ Plantation Key
26 April 2014 | Tarpon Basin
25 April 2014 | Thursday Cove
23 April 2014 | Jew Point
22 April 2014 | Billy Point
21 April 2014 | Marine Stadium
17 April 2014 | New River Marina
16 April 2014 | Lake Santa Barbara
15 April 2014 | Lake Worth
14 April 2014 | Hobe Sound
22 June 2012 | Stuart, Fl
06 June 2012 | Marsh Harbor
26 May 2012 | Royal Island
04 May 2012 | George Town
29 April 2012 | George Town
17 April 2012 | George Town, Exumas
30 March 2012 | Black Point

Where's the Sun

26 May 2012 | Royal Island
25 30.269’n 76 46.651’w
Well the “Boonies” have been an excursion to say the least. We made over night stops at Williams Bay, then up to “Bay Rush Bay, (south of Black Point), then Staniel, Hawksbill the Highbourne. We ended up staying up at the north end of Highbourne Cay for about a week. It was calm so some reef diving was in order. Except there was no sun!!! For a week we waited for the sun to come out but finally gave up and decided to head north.
The trip up through the “Fleming Channel” was un-eventful but still interesting to look at all the reefs. Our destination is “Meeks Patch” and we make it there with a little sun left to anchor by. It was a SLOW trip with little to no wind. And with one and a half engine our speeds are not good.
When we wake up to listen to the weather, it sounds like something is brewing in the south. So here is not a bad place to wait out the prognosis. With Royal Island, and Meeks, we have some options for a hidey hole IF we need it. Well it turns out to be a sound move as the weather “system” does develop into Beryl, and we get another week of NO SUN, AND LOTS OF RAIN AND WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
While we were at Meeks Patch we decode to do some beach combing. Well the “Admiral” was wearing her flip flops, and tripped/fell on the “Iron-shore”. It was not pretty; she gashed her foot pretty bad, her shins/knee, and finished with her arm. It was ugly but at least no stitches required. But after I bandaged her all up she resembled a person from a bike wreck. She is REALLY sore but looks like all will heal.
Here in Royal Island we have seen winds to 42 knts. and rain for three straight days. The anchor has held and other than being really bored all is well.
It looks like Sunday, or Monday will be our window for heading for the Abacos, with somewhat favorable conditions 
Vessel Name: jusdreaming
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 37 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Stuart, Fl
Crew: Denny & Diane DeRanek
About: Admiral- Diane First Mate- Matilda
Home Page: http://www.svjusdreaming.net
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Who: Denny & Diane DeRanek
Port: Stuart, Fl