Silk Road by the Sea

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06 November 2009
Nov. 4, 2009

Ghizo is the second largest city in the Solomons with a population of only 5,000. There is one main dirt/gravel road that runs along the harbor bordered by many little Chinese stores that are about as big as some walk-in closets. Each store sells the same stuff; it's just arranged differently on the shelves. The choices are very limited: oil, flour, rice, sugar, noodles, sauces, canned meat, canned fish, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, lots of plastic containers, and some other little plastic junk stuff. That's about it repeated 20 or 30 times. Every 10 ft along the walkway are stands that sell betel nut and cigarettes. Betel nut is a nasty fruit from one of the palm varieties that's chewed making the saliva and teeth a deep red color. They spit it out all over the ground, so you can clearly see trails of nasty spit everywhere; it's gross. Even the kids chew. It results in mouth ulcers and cancer and the teeth are permanently stained red. When the people smile at you, they look like vampires! Yucky! The people here are friendly. They're very poor. Most find something to do whether it is selling stuff, fishing, working wherever there is opportunity. Carving is their main cultural handicraft. The Ghizo hotel has gorgeous walkways with hand carved posts and tables with uniquely carved legs. The handrails are hardwoods inlaid with nautilus shell. There is no good running water. All fresh water is collected in cisterns when it rains. I never thought that I would miss doing laundry, but I would just love to do several loads right now. They have no washing machines. I'm praying for rain just so I can handwash. Abbey is going nuts. She hates being cooped up on the boat. There is no swimming right here and the town has no place to hang out. It is really unbearably hot. We are drenched all day long. The weather outlook shows 2 more days of no wind. Hopefully, we will be able to leave by the 7th and start our 1600 nm to Palau. We'll stop in Papua New Guinea for one or two nights. Love to all, the Glennys
Vessel Name: svkairos
Vessel Make/Model: 38 Island Packet
Hailing Port: LV NV
Crew: Clint, Janet, Joel, Colin and Abbey
The Glenny family has been cruising since 2000. We started with all five of our children aboard a 50ft. Jeanneau in Tortola and sailed for 8 mos. covering all the islands from Puerto Rico to Grenada. [...]
Extra: We fish everytime we are underway. We always catch plenty and keep alot of fish frozen to have on hand. We like to scuba dive and have a compressor and tanks on board. Kairos is a great boat, very sea worthy and we would recommend Island Packets to anyone.
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Who: Clint, Janet, Joel, Colin and Abbey
Port: LV NV