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25 November 2009 | On the way to Palau
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Back aboard

07 December 2010 | Koror, Palau
Greetings to all! We are back aboard after a year of travel between the boat here in Palau, the States, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.
Kairos is afloat; she needed a bit of scrubbing bow to stern below decks and topsides to freshen her up, but she is in good shape overall.
We are completing a lot of work to prepare for this next season of cruising. When a boat is left to sit for a long time, things just stop working due to lack of use. We needed new AGM batteries which we had shipped here and installed. We put in our VHF and SSB radios that we had referbished. Our frig/freezer system electronics got replaced. We had to buy a new 25 hp outboard for the dinghy. Our autohelm chain broke here in the harbor thankfully and not out there, so we had a spare that we were able to put on.
The list goes on and on checking all systems: engine, watermaker, lpg, bilge, anchoring, running rigging, sails, navigation electonics, etc.
Cruising is by definition fixing your boat in exotic places!
The current plan is to sail around the rock islands here for a week to "shake her down" doing some diving and fishing. Then, we head off west to the Philippines. It should take us about 5 days to make port in Cebu. We'll cruise northwest through the Philippine islands to San Fernando which is north of Manila then make the passage across to Hong Kong. Hopefully, we will be in Hong Kong by the second week of January.
Abbey is out and about doing some tours to Jellyfish lake and exploring WWII sites and kayaking caves.Photobucket Clint and I are provisioning and working through our lists. It's nice to be back aboard in the fresh air and on the water. It is taking a little while to adjust to the slower pace of life and get back into "smelling the roses."
More to come later.......Janet
Vessel Name: svkairos
Vessel Make/Model: 38 Island Packet
Hailing Port: LV NV
Crew: Clint, Janet, Joel, Colin and Abbey
The Glenny family has been cruising since 2000. We started with all five of our children aboard a 50ft. Jeanneau in Tortola and sailed for 8 mos. covering all the islands from Puerto Rico to Grenada. [...]
Extra: We fish everytime we are underway. We always catch plenty and keep alot of fish frozen to have on hand. We like to scuba dive and have a compressor and tanks on board. Kairos is a great boat, very sea worthy and we would recommend Island Packets to anyone.
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Who: Clint, Janet, Joel, Colin and Abbey
Port: LV NV