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The Eighth Cruise of the Starship Kelly Rae - Boldly Going Where Lots of People Have Gone Before. But We Haven't - So it is a Great Adventure!

28 October 2017
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01 May 2016

Baddeck, Nova Scotia

16 July 2012
I had to include this picture taken while I was still in Lunenberg.

The Bluenose II was built in 1963 as a replica of the very famous Bluenose “fishing” schooner. I hyphenate the “fishing” because, while it was part of the racing rules of the time that a racing vessel had to also be commercially involved in fishing, the Bluenose did just enough fishing to qualify.

One look at this hull shows that hauling tons of cod off the banks was never her true purpose.

The Bluenose II is nearing completion after a $14million rebuild (which saw her reduced to just her frames and included complete re-planking) and will re-launch sometime later this year. The picture doesn’t capture her true dimensions. She is 140’ long.
Vessel Name: Kelly Rae
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft Crealock 34
Hailing Port: Grand Lake, Colorado
Crew: Rich Simpson
About: Cee Cee the Sailor Dog
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