Voyage of s/v La Sirena

29 December 2012
27 December 2012 | Mobile, Al
22 December 2012 | Slidel, Louisiana
21 December 2012 | Frog City, Louisiana
21 December 2012 | Beaumont, Texas
19 December 2012 | Rockport, Texas
13 December 2012 | San Antonio, Texas
11 December 2012 | Kerrville, Texas
10 December 2012 | Fort Stockton, Texas
05 December 2012 | Deming, New Mexico
03 December 2012 | Phoenix, Az
30 November 2012 | Ehrenberg, Az (Blythe, Ca)
26 November 2012 | Cathedral City (Palm Springs), Ca
22 November 2012 | Torrance, Ca
17 November 2012 | Oceano, Ca
16 November 2012 | Oceano, Ca
10 November 2012 | Oceano, Ca
09 November 2012 | Morro Bay, Ca
08 November 2012 | Morro Bay, Ca
01 November 2012 | King City, Ca


29 December 2012
Nancie & I are going to change format/processes on our travel log. Instead of posting on "Sail Blogs" we are going to send out individually in e-mail format. There are a couple of advantages in doing this. Mainly, more pictures, less format issues, and less cost. And you will know when we post because it will go into your e-mail inbox.

So here's the skinny...I'll be setting up a "Send" list based on those of you who want to read this drivel.

IF YOU WANT TO RECEIVE THESE, THEN SEND ME A NOTE VIA E-MAIL AND I WILL ADD YOU TO THE LIST. If I don't hear from you then I'll assume you have heard enough!

Sweet Home….

27 December 2012 | Mobile, Al
Slidell to Mobile was an easy drive, but with one 18 mile long bridge thru the Atchafalaya swamp. Not a bad bridge, about 12 feet over the water and reasonable lanes on the side. The entire trip was quite scenic with swamps filled with cypress and pine trees.

We pulled into Dixie & Tommy’s driveway, wide and long, and set up headquarters for the next few days. All of us got to help with the preparations for the Christmas day feast that Dixie had organized and mostly completed. As it turns out, about 20 folks showed up for Christmas Day’s feed about 1:00 PM. A lot of interesting and good folks were in attendance. Mostly close relatives. A very nice day indeed. Dixie’s son prepared 2 wonderful fried turkeys. Talk about moist!!! See photo.

Then the excitement began….as predicted, some serious weather was headed our way in front of a cold front from the middle of the country. Tornados!!! In fact at around 6:00 PM we had a twister make a 5 mile swath thru the city only 4 miles from our location. It was a wild and weird event as all gathered around the TV and watched as the local Doppler reports showed probable touchdown sites up to ½ hour ahead of time. They were incredibly accurate. Some considerable damage, but no injuries thankfully.

We plan to spend a couple more days hanging around and visiting some sights then heading up to my old homestead, Brewton. Pass the biscuits, please!!!

Still travelin’

22 December 2012 | Slidel, Louisiana
Walt/Partly sunny
Easy drive day to a small city N of Lake Ponchatrain, a huge lake north of New Orleans. For timing purposes we decided to put off a trip into the city until on our way back. Instead we are going to spend a night here just because of distances before heading on to Mobile and Christmas with Nancie's cousin's family.

The one notable event today was the crossing of the Mississippi River. One huge and tall bridge for sure. Made it across with only a little anxiety on my part as I seem to be getting a little more relaxed with the rig. Even at mid-day the traffic in Baton Rouge is heavy and we came to a stop and go on the bridge for a few minutes. I was told that during rush hour the trip over the bridge can take hours. Really?

Mmmmm good!!!

21 December 2012 | Frog City, Louisiana
Easy drive to Duson, La...a small spot outside Lafayette and Breaux Bridge in the heart of good eatin'! The local area is dubbed Frog City and as you drive along the freeway you pass fields of crawfish farms. See picture. Signs all along the freeway advertise local eateries featuring Cajun delights.

Our first evening meal was at a recommended spot called Chef Roy's Frog City Café. Absolutely amazing!!! We had frog legs (of course), crawfish, and shrimp. Maybe the best I've ever had...really. We ate so much I hurt!

The next day we just drove around and looked at the area, stopping frequently to sample the local goodies. Mike's Boudin & Cracklin Shop was a nice stop. We sampled Boudin (rice & pork sausage) balls, and pralines. Again...deeeeelightful! Lunch at a small combination fruit stand & café in Lafayette continued our gormet tour. Shrimp and boiled peanuts were on the menu. In fact, we ate so much we were still too filled at supper, so we skipped going out again. Going to make up for that tomorrow.

Another day of fine eating ensued...gotta get outta town before I explode.

Movin' On!

21 December 2012 | Beaumont, Texas
Left Rockport and headed for good eatin’ in Louisiana and cousins in Mobile. That’s about 5 days of traveling at our pace. We skirted around Houston, a very busy place indeed. And the bypass had $41 in toll fees no less. Otherwise it was an uneventful drive (that’s good) and we had a quiet night outside Beaumont. Looking forward to crawfish and such….

Home Sweet Home!

19 December 2012 | Rockport, Texas
Nice F-L-A-T drive from San Antonio thru cotton country to the Corpus Christi area. On the way we stopped in a little wide spot in the road at Sinton for lunch at the Butter Churn. For about $7 we had the most wonderful southern cooking and seafood buffet you can imagine. If you're in the area ya gotta stop in!

Nancie had found us a campground about 30 miles north of Corpus Christi in a little seaside town of Rockport-Fulton. A small town of about 9,000 folks and it looked like we were in the Pensacola or upper keys of Florida. We fell in love instantly! That first evening we went to the local Yacht Club and met a few folks on their Fri-night open bar event, just like at our club in Anacortes. We were able to get some local knowledge on the boating scene and such. Bad photo of 30 ft. fiberglass Blue Crab in town on beach! Drove down to Corpus Christi one day and eyeballed the place and beautiful waterfront homes.

The campground is an old oak tree grove on a couple of lakes and about 1 mile from the bay behind the Padre Island chain. We like the area so much we have decided that this will be the permanent home for the 5th wheeler. We will return to this area (~Feb 1) after visiting the rest of the southeast places we want to see and then leave the rig here when we return to the boat in Anacortes. We are excited about this find and looking forward to this being the land "home". And the saltwater bay fishing is reported to be quite good for redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. I think a 21 ft fishing boat is in the cards. Oh, and did I mention it's 80 degrees and sunny?

And the seafood!!! Unbelievable at least! Sweet Gulf shrimp, grouper, reasonable prices and all FRESH, no frozen! And don't even speak of the BBQ, it's enough to make you slobber. Enough already!

Stayed here 4 days and then tomorrow we head north with the rig towards Louisiana passing by Houston and Beaumont on our way. Can't wait to get into some of that Cajun eatin'. Will spend a few days in Louisiana before meeting up with Nancie's cousin in Mobile. Stay tuned....
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Voyage of s/v La Sirena

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