Leela Year Six - Across the Pacific

Well.... to our own surprise here we are

19 June 2021 | New Jersey
14 March 2021 | At sea
05 March 2021 | Raroia, Tuamotus
05 February 2021 | Raivavae, The Australs Group, French Polynesia
04 February 2021 | Raivavae, The Australs Group, French Polynesia
17 January 2021 | Tahiti
13 December 2020 | Papeete, Tahiti
14 November 2020 | Pape’ete, Tahiti
14 November 2020 | Tahiti
01 October 2020 | Fakarava
24 September 2020 | Fakarava South Pass
19 August 2020 | Papeete, Tahiti
02 August 2020 | Pape’ete, French Polynesia
09 July 2020 | Papeete, Tahiti
21 June 2020 | Taha'a, French Polynesia
29 May 2020 | Cook's Bay, Moorea
14 May 2020 | Tahiti, French Polynesia
08 May 2020 | Enroute Gambiers to Tahiti
30 April 2020 | Rikitea, Gambiers, French Polynesia
26 March 2020

Road Trip

05 December 2018 | On the bus
There were lots of tours available from Santa Marta Marina but they all looked a little too coreographed for us so we decided to get the local's bus to a completely relatively non-touristy town. A local recommended Santa Cruz de Mompox so here we go. We booked the bus and they sent a taxi to pick us up at the marina, This was all part of the US$22 fare for a fairly grueling six hour ride in a packed minibus that has seen better days. Note to self - we are not twenty any more.

When we started there were mountains to the east but now it is a gently rolling semi-arid plain that is startlingly like the drive south from Perth WA. I'm half expecting to see kangaroos although, if the road signs are to be believed, it's more likely to be ant eaters.

Only an hour or so to go....

The remarkable infrastructure is worth a mention. This was a standard inter-city bus. We rang up and booked and were told we would be picked up at midday. At midday a taxi was waiting at the marina to take us to the bus station. He made sure we were on the right bus and would not accept any payment, part of the bus fare. After about five hours we stopped in a very busy town and were pointed to another bus, again, no drama, no questions, it just worked. An hour later the driver asked where we were staying and dropped us at the door. We barely had to say a word, which is good because we have precious little Spanish. All this happened with smiles and calm. It was - civilized - in a way we have lost in the so-called 'developed world'.
Vessel Name: Leela
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 38.8
Hailing Port: Portsmouth, NH
Crew: Graham and Janaki
We are a Brit and an Australian now based in the wonderful community of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We have a delightful home there but a couple of years ago we began to feel a bit over-domesticated so we thought we would buy another boat and head south. [...]
Leela, a Bristol 38.8 has turned out to be a wonderful cruising boat for us. Some might find it a little cramped by modern standards but it feels like just the right balance of living space and storage to us. She sails like a dream. She is remarkably well balanced and is comfortable in pretty [...]
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