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25 March 2020 | Sunset Bay Stuart F:
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Fridge, Food and Fatigue

25 March 2020 | Sunset Bay Stuart F:
Sally | Breezy from the SW
I failed to mention in the last post that on Friday our refrigerator decided to give up the ghost. We thought it just needed to be defrosted which we did. We thought wrong. When we turned it back on it failed to cool down. Every thing in the freezer was thawing. What excellent timing, not! We surmised after 11 years the unit needed to be recharged.

When the ban on R22 freon was announce to go into effect Scott went out and bought the A34 that the boat uses for our fridge. Rumor has it that it may be next. After hauling all the stuff in the lazarette where our compressor is located Scott climbed in to do the recharge. All was going swimmingly until he discovered that the fitting on the recharge unit would not mate with the one on the compressor. It was a flat out no go.

We're lucky the marina carriers ice. We went into shore got the name of a marine fridge guy and a bag of ice.

Fingers crossed the fridge guy would still be working the captain put in a call. He was still operational and had just left our marina. Dang Scott called again on Sat and left a message. They weren't working weekends.

We were able to keep things cool with ice, which the marina still seems to be getting delivered. A call early Monday got us on the schedule for that afternoon. Cam the poor kid from the AC company wasn't much of a boater but did agree to ride out in the dingy. The diagnosis, yes we were low on refrigerant. He charged the unit and gave us the news. If the charge doesn't last we will most likely need a new fridge.

We've been keeping a close eye, so far it seems to be okay but only time will tell. He bravely put all the stuff back in the lazarette this morning.

Meanwhile we needed to replace provisions having run low on meat and produce. The captain is a carnivore so subsisting on noodles and beans was not going to cut it. Our previous trip when the panic shopping had started found the shelves stripped bare of produce and all meats other than beef. Even the frozen section was pretty much gone.

We braved a trip to the market which was blessedly fairly well stocked with fruits, veggies and proteins. The poor workers have been working non-stop to keep things clean and stocked. I was a bit surprised by how many customers were in the store. We tried to interact as little as possible, got our groceries quickly and checked out.

With all that is going on we won't be leaving Stuart this season. We had hoped to maybe get down to Miami for a month just for a change of scenery. That is definitely not happening. Though our adventures have been rather stationary we are not complaining, life is good on our little mooring ball. We are getting very tired of the media coverage of the virus.

That's Light Reach in the middle, this is how we social distance in the mooring field.

Heads In the boat

23 March 2020 | Stuart Fl
Sally | Sunny and lovely
The Captain decided that today was the day for the job. Armed with a plethora of tools, hoses, clamps, gloves and our last container of, oh so scarce Lysol wipes, he started the job.

The new unit isn't plumbed the same way as the Groco and the mounting bolts don't have the same footprint. That required removal of the current intake and export hostesses and drilling holes The hoses were especially stinky! The holes needed to be drilled in toward the boat bottom, always a dicey task since too far and we might have way bigger problems, yikes
Did I mention it was in the mid 80's in temps and the head closet is barely big enough for one? After much machinations, more than a fair share of salty language and a bucket of sweat the job was completed.

With my help we encased the old unit in a black garbage bag and lugged the old monster up the companionway ladder and down into the dingy.
Taking it to shore for disposal wasn't an easy task and I wish I had thought to get a pic of us transversing the mooring field with the old head in the bow. LOL I'm sure it was a sight. Once on shore we got a few comments loading it in the dock cart and taking it to the dumpster.

We returned to the mothership to do a major cleaning of all tools and surfaces. That was followed by another trip to shore for showered and a cold beer.

After cleaning the remainder of the mess up a wiping down all the tools and stowing them we headed to shore and the showers.

Whilst in the showers the Governor made another decree on rules for businesses and social distancing. No groups of 10 or more people and all parks and public gathering places were to be closed. All businesses should take precautions to protect their staff and to limit public contact as much as possible.

So what does that mean for us. Currently the marina is open for its customers that are here. No new boats allowed in either at the docks or the moorings. There office and mailroom are limited to one staff person and one customer. The laundry is to be limited to one person and the shower/bathroom to a maximum of 2. The lounge is closed and all the outdoor furniture has been removed. We were allowed to finish our beers before they shooed us away and took our table and chairs.

And with all this blathering on about it of course the picture is of the new head!

Viral the new form of March Madness

19 March 2020 | Stuart Frida
Sally | Sunny getting warmer
It seems the sky has fallen since Sunday. Florida's restrictions have caught up with the rest of the country. Restaurants are shuttered or limited to take-out or delivery. Grocery stores have been stormed by the masses and toilet paper is being hoarded. Rumors around the marina are swirling on how it will affect the boaters. There are a number of people who live full time on there boats here and are still working. Non-essential businesses are being asked to close but it's not mandatory, yet. And those who can work from home are being told to do so. I am so thankful we are retired.

We did make a run to the grocery store, where we were greeted with mostly bare shelves, including the paper goods aisle. There was woefully little produce and the little meat to be found was all beef, not that its a problem for Scott, but I enjoy variety..

The new head had been delayed in shipping, but a call today confirmed it was in. Scott went on his own to pick it up, less exposure and social distancing with me on the boat and more room in the dingy.

We bid Good bye to Kevin and Jan on Aria today. They took her to Indiantown to be hauled for season. They're Canadian and very concerned about getting home amongst the craziness. Their first flights have already been canceled and getting them rebooked was a challenge. The phone lines have been backed up with more than hour long waits. It was sad to see them go, we will miss their company.

The picture was taken on shore. The coffee shop next to the Marina remains open for take out business but there isn't nearly the amount of traffic it normally gets.

End of Season Celebration

15 March 2020 | Stuart Florida
Sally | Sunny and warm
The marina put on a very nice spread for us today. Delicious ribs, brisket, Mac and cheese, and corn bread with dollar beer and wine. The cruisers contributed salads, sides and desert. The event was pretty well attended even as virus fears continue to grow. They have not yet shut down restaurants here but schools will be shuttered starting tommorow.

We sat with Veronica, Tom (S/V Toucan Share), George ( S/V Gracie), and Bill (S /V Vary). As cruisers do, we swapped sailing stories along with opinions of the government and other pertinent stuff. We didn't solve the world problems but had a good time all the same.

We are still limping along with head issues. We have one on order from Raritan that is being shipped to West Marine. It's slated to arrive on Tuesday. Then the real fun begins.

The picture was taken on shore looking over the dingy dock to the mooring field. Don't know why I rarely take pictures at events. Too busy talking I guess!

Happy Birthday Mom

11 March 2020 | Stuart Fl
Sally | Sunny and beautiful
The Captain's mother is 93 today. She celebrated with family and friends on Sunday. Jessica and her family represented the wayward sailors of the family, thank you Jess, Craig, Audrey and Chloe !

We swapped dingy motors this morning. We'd been using the 2 stroke Johson that we bought from Rodger and Sue. It's a marvelous thing.

Scott had spent time rebuilding the carberator on our 4 horse Yamaha. We had gotten some bad gas at some point and we're having a heck of a time keeping it running.
We've been waiting for a day when the winds were calm enough to swap the engines. It's been blowing like stink for the past two weeks. We finally got a lull today. First test fingers crossed went well.

Jessica sent us this picture of the birthday girl. Without this lovely lady there would be no Captain Scott.

Continuing Head Saga

09 March 2020 | Stuart Fl
Sally | Spring is slowly arriving
Happy Birthday Janice !

It's still not working right. No amount of pumping, swearing or hoping for divine intervention has helped. We need to replace it. It's 10 years old and according to the manufacturer is past its shelf life. The bad thing is the footprint doesn't allow for many options for a replacement. An identical unit from Groco is over a boat unit with shipping. And neither of us is inclined to drop that kind of cash. It hasn't worked all that great even when new.

What to do? Kevin, our friend from the other PSC 37 in the mooring field has replaced their head with a unit from Raritan. He kindly showed Scott his installation and the modifications he used to fit it in the space.

Scott got on the phone to Raritan. The model Kevin used was no longer available. Bummer. However the rep thought they had a model that would work. He sent us the manual and a template with the dimensions. Scott still had a couple of questions after carefully studying both. A second call verified that this model was a direct replacement for the unit Kevin had installed on Aria. Hallelujah kit should work!

We can order it from West Marine and have it shipped to the store. And even better is it is a third of the cost of a Graco. Kevin and Jan are very pleased with theirs which made the decision even easier.

Today is Jan' s birthday. We all went to Sailor's Retreat for happy hour to celebrate.

• Picture pending on my next update
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