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09 December 2018 | Stuart Fl
Sally there is a front blowing thru
I believe this is the last night of Hanukkah for those of you celebrating we send good wishes.
We’ve been busy on Light Reach the past week or so. We remain on the mooring in Stuart. This past Sunday (2nd), Janice from Aria III had rented a car to pick up their daughter Mollie who had flown in for a visit. She returned the car to the rental company in Stuart and needed a ride back to Indiantown. They were in there in the work yard doing a variety of boat chores before getting splashed. We were happy to help out and picked her up and drove out to Indiantown. We had a terrific visit, got to meet Mollie and distracted Kevin from his work for a bit. Janice put on a great spread and fed us all too well.
Monday we headed down to the condo. I had some things in the trunk that I wanted to store there and a new garbage can for the place. I’d heard comment that the one we had there was too small. LOL The new one is plenty big. We spent a few hours there with the captain enjoying his birthday gift and caught up on some binge watching. Decandent as all get out! We drove up to Lantana to the Key Lime House for a late lunch and to check out the spot we hope to anchor on our way down to the keys. It looked very doable. And we picked up our battery load tester to lend to Kevin. He had a mishap when he reconnected his batteries on Aria and wasn’t sure if they were working properly. We made a quick stop in Indiantown on the way back to drop that off. On the way back to the marina I realized I hadn’t reset the thermostat in the condo. And Scott wasn’t sure if he had turned off the water. A cold front was to come through on Tuesday so I wasn’t too concerned about the AC but still wanted to go back at some point and reset the thermostat.
Wednesday the winds were up and the temps had dropped. Not horrible but enough to turn the heater on to take the chill off the cabin and drag out the long pants. I know you folks in the frozen tundra up north will take no pity on us. By afternoon it was calmer and I was able to get a second coat on the teak.
Thursday was laundry and I’ve said enough about that particular chore. I followed up with a third coat on the teak.
We popped back down to the condo on Friday and set things right. While we were there we did some errands. Although they have every store imaginable in Stuart they don’t always carry the same items or quantities. We had taken our time and arrived back in Stuart shortly after noon. That was a bad choice on a Friday during the holiday season. The restaurant was hosting holiday parties and the parking lot was mobbed. After unloading our groceries while double parked, Scott ended up parking in the nearby park. He waited for the lull between the lunch and dinner crowds to dingy in, get the car and find a parking spot in the marina lot. The Marina parking is a real issue and with the new coffee shop in addition to the restaurant it has only gotten worse.
Yesterday I cleaned the interior which takes an inordinate amount of time considering her size. All those nooks and crannies attract dust and dirt and with the hatches open we get a lot of that. Today we walked into town for breakfast at the bagel shop and bought the paper. It’s becoming a Sunday tradition, supplies us with a couple of hours of reading and puzzles for me during the week. There is a front coming through with winds up in the 25 knot range. They have gale warning out in the coastal waters. We managed to squeeze in a shower and a couple of minutes of reading the paper before the skies looked so ominous that we scurried back to the boat. The front is in the process of passing through now, it has been raining off and on and the winds are starting to build. The mooring field is nearly full. Quite a few boats have come in just in the past two days looking for a place to ride out the weather.
Scott put up the Christmas lights Light Reach looks so festive. We have them on the bow, bimini and boom and some down below in the salon. The marina has several activities planned for us during the holdays with trivia this Tuesday, a tree lighting party on Friday and more throughout the month. Hope your holiday season has been full of good things.
The picture is a rare one, I’m not a fan of being in front of the camera LOL ! It was taken by Mollie when we were visiting Aria. That’s her crew Janice and Kevin from Vancouver BC. Good people and fellow PSC 37 owners.
Vessel Name: Light Reach
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Annapolis Md
Crew: Scott and Sally and missing our CSO India the wonder Schnauzer she sails on in our hearts
Scott and Sally met in college, married and lived the average dirt dweller life for years always somewhere near the water. We fell in love with sailing in the early 90's. Summer of 2014 we both retired and became full time cruisers. [...]
Extra: "I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky; and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." John Masefield
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