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Here fishy fishy

28 January 2020 | Boynton Beach FL
Sally | Sunny and Breezy
Sister #2 (Mary) and her husband (Gill) are down visiting sister#1 (Abbie) and her spouse (Bob) in Delray Beach for a couple of weeks. We opted to remain in Stuart , where the car and boat are currently parked, so we could see them while they are here. There haven't been any real weather Windows to facilitate moving anywhere. The weather has been very unsettled all winter. There are many worse places to be waiting for decent sailing weather.

The six of us have had a couple of lunches and days by the pool with good visits. Today Mary, Gill and we did a deep sea fishing excursion out of the Boynton Beach City Marina. We had always thought it might be great fun to do and Mary and Gill are avid sportspeople. Fish Envy charters did an amazing job, very professional and kept our many lines baited and in the water. It was a gorgeous day and it felt great to be out on the water. We definitely enjoyed the experience and would go again.

We did catch 5 fish 4 Bonita and a King Mackeral. Apparently Bonita are only good as bait fish. And none of us was particularly fond of Mackeral as they can be oily so we donated it to the crew.

My knowledge of fish is pretty limited. We don't fish on Light Reach. Mostly because Scott doesn't eat seafood and to have to go to the trouble of cleaning and filleting it just for me hardly seems worth the effort. Most sailors will throw a line out when they are underway during a passage. The fish they catch, tuna, Mahi, and such can be quite large. With limited freezer space it would be a crime to waste the poor creature, another reason we don' Add to that the space for the gear on the boat and you've got a case for being tackle free.

Any time spent with family is precious and today was perfect memory made.

Vessel Name: Light Reach
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Annapolis Md
Crew: Scott and Sally and missing our CSO India the wonder Schnauzer she sails on in our hearts
Scott and Sally met in college, married and lived the average dirt dweller life for years always somewhere near the water. We fell in love with sailing in the early 90's. Summer of 2014 we both retired and became full time cruisers. [...]
Extra: "I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky; and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." John Masefield
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