Life Afloat on SV Light Reach Two Sailors and a Sea Dog

05 November 2021 | Enroute to Stuart
04 November 2021
03 November 2021 | Indiantown
24 October 2021 | Indiantown
09 September 2021 | Treasure Coast Florida
07 August 2021 | Finger Lakes region NYS
28 July 2021 | South Jersey Shore
14 May 2021 | St Lucie River
09 May 2021 | Stuart Fl
05 April 2021 | Stuart Florida
02 March 2021 | Stuart Fl
01 February 2021 | Stuart
30 January 2021 | Boca Raton
29 January 2021 | Stuart Fl
21 January 2021 | Boynton
19 January 2021 | Stuart
29 December 2020 | Stuart F:
25 December 2020 | Sampe as we have been Ho Ho Ho
17 December 2020 | Stuart
16 December 2020 | Sunset Bay Stuart

In the yard

02 November 2020 | Indiantown Fl
Sally | too warm to wear a bunny suit!
We hemmed and hawed and sputtered and debated, should we stay in storage this year? The need of a change of scenery and a break from the monotony of condo life biased our decision to a no. We were scheduled to be moved to the work yard today back in May. We kept the appointment and at 11;00 this morning Light Reach was put in the slings and brought to Indiantown’s work yard. By noon she was blocked and jacked and we scrambled aboard to take stock and start work. She was absolutely filthy. We started by lowering the dingy from the front bow to the ground. Poor dingy, she is looking a bit long in tooth and quite leaky. Chasing leaks is on Scott’s list. We also lowered the fuel jugs off the deck to the ground to give me clear decks for the washdown. I started on that right away as we want the deck washing done before we apply bottom paint. I only made it ¾ down the starboard side before time and lack of light called a halt to our day. I think this is the first time we’ve been out after dark since March. What does that say about us?
The picture is Light Reach blocked in the yard.
Vessel Name: Light Reach
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Annapolis Md
Crew: Scott and Sally and missing our CSO India the wonder Schnauzer she sails on in our hearts
Scott and Sally met in college, married and lived the average dirt dweller life for years always somewhere near the water. We fell in love with sailing in the early 90's. Summer of 2014 we both retired and became full time cruisers. [...]
Extra: "I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky; and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." John Masefield
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August 2015 visit to Keuka Lake (New York Finger Lakes)
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