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05 November 2020 | Indiantown FL
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21 January 2021 | Boynton
Sally | Sunny and Spectabular
We returned to the boat on Monday. We would have just stayed at the condo until our Thursday appointment but since out original plan was to come back on Monday neither of us had packed to stay that long. We decided to come back on Wednesday and plan to stay through the weekend. Hoping that the cable will be back up to watch Sunday's game. Right now as I type the tech is here and the cable is on life support. He's on the phone with advanced tech support. This is not encouraging.
The cable tech has left and we are waiting for the picture to appear. Supposedly some power on high is going to fix the issue remotely. I have his cell number to call if we don't have video within 15 minutes. He seemed most anxious to be on his way. I suspect no appointment should last more than two hours and now he is behind schedule. Nothing is simple these days! We finally got it up and running yeah!!!

On a good news front Scott has an appointment to get his first Covid vaccine. We got an email yesterday with new instructions on how to register for an appointment. Each individual has to register separately. I sent both of ours within 3 minutes of one another. Scott's was first and I suspect within those three minutes thousands could have gotten ahead of me in the queue. You might think they would want all eligible people from the same address together. Of course trying to handle the logistics of getting everyone who wants to be vaccinated is not an easy task. I won't get started on what Scott thinks of the whole issue.

I suppose I should write some boat related stuff since this is a sailing blog. I've started the port toe rail. Scott has started repairs on the salon hatch. Were both enjoying sitting in the cockpit with books, puzzles and people watching for amusement. There is a good amount of activity at the marina. Last weekend was the Stuart boat show. I was surprised they held it and even more surprised that it was well attended. I guess lots of folks are a little more relaxed than we are. We have been sticking to what has pretty much been our routine since March.

The picture was taken one morning when we had a heavy fog which happens rarely.

Straddling life

19 January 2021 | Stuart
There hasn't been anything of note to report hence the lack of posts. We've been straddling living on board and on land. About every 14 days we head to the condo for a couple of nights to do laundry, have showers with the luxury of letting the water run and watch football. We went down this past Friday with the express purpose of watching the Bills play. Imagine our dismay when the cable went out on Saturday morning! Scott quickly got a call in to Comcast/Xfinity. They tried to reset the box to no avail. Damn! The rep suggested we go into the store and get a new box. He also suggested we schedule an appointment for a service tech as on his end it was indicating we might be having power or signal. Issues . The first available appointment wasn't until the 21 st. Gack! We went ahead and set that up. The rep couldn't schedule a store appointment, I'd have to do that online. Fortunately I had planned on doing a WalMart run while we were there and had the laptop with me. After some tearing out of my hair I managed to get us an appointment at the Delray store to exchange our equipment at 2;45. Scott unhooked and bagged up the equipment. It turned out exchanging the equipment was a bit of an adventure. The store is in an upscale shopping center which was crowded. We had received confirmation of the appt in our email which directed us to tap a link when we arrived at the store. They would then instruct us when to come "into" the store. We did that and immediately got a response that we were next and to approach the front of the store. We noticed there were a half dozen folk milling around on the sidewalk who seemed to be having a conversation. I hopped out of the car masked and gloved and headed toward the store doorway where I was met by an associate. He asked me what he could do for me. I gave him the speil about exchange the box and that I had an appointment. While I was dong this one of the woman on the sidewalk started shrieking at me about cutting the line. I calmly told her that I had scheduled an appointment. Which she replied that she was told she didn't need one and was most indignant. Apparently what I thought was just some folks chewing the fat, was a queue of folks who had just "walked" in. Our previous experience with the cable company is to schedule an appointment or face a long wait. They always take scheduled appts over walk ins. To his credit the associate verified that I did have an appointment and honored it. I was in and out within 5 minutes. Much to the hurumphing and b*tching of those in the queue. Scott had observed all this from the comfort of the car and was laughing his butt off.
We came back to the condo hooked up the new box and proceeded to wait as it went through the painful process of initializing . Fudge the box didn't seem to fix the issue . Back on the phone to xfinity only to be told we would need a tech to come out and there were no earlier appointments. We were dissapointed to sat the least. I got online and checked our cellular data status. We had several gig left on the plan so we decided to live stream the game and check after the first quarter to see how much data it was using. We don't often stream anything through the phone and are quite naive when it comes to how much data it uses. Turned out it wasn't too bad and we did watch through the first pert of the third quarter. By then it was past cruisers midnight and we were both falling asleep. We were both delighted when we found out Sunday morning that the Bills had won! Go Buffalo!!!!!

The picture was taken on mu morning walk, ocean beach near Briny Breezes

The year is winding down

29 December 2020 | Stuart F:
I think everyone is anxious to put 2020 in the rear view mirror. I’m afraid things won’t change much in the near future. It will be a while before the vaccine is available to us and until then we’ll continue to stick pretty much to ourselves. We seem to find ways to keep occupied and there are always boat chores. We make our morning shore runs early and scamper back out to the boat for the day. Today we brought out water and I put a coat of varnish on the starboard toe rail. Tuesday is also pump out day. Wow the things we look forward to LOL!

The marina has been relatively quiet. The pump out guy confirmed our suspicions that only a few people are on the boats in the mooring field. He told Scott that a lot of the boats on the moorings are local people who are occasionally day sailing them. Normally these folks would take them to the Bahamas or keys or to the west coast for the winter but with Covid limiting the options of places to go they are staying local. And while the marina has been quiet Sailors Return ( the restarant) and Gilberts (coffee bar) have been hopping. The restaurant has been having live entertainment nearly every night. We stay far far away but we can easily hear the bands out on the mooring. I’m not sure who books the entertainment but not all of it, heck most of it is to be nice a little lacking in talent. Still they are packing them in and social distancing and masks don’t seem to come into play.

The weather has assumed its winter pattern of cold fronts passing through every few days. The temperatures have gotten down into the 40’s and 50’s at night. We certainly don’t have our “northern” blood anymore and have gotten out the long pants and had the heater going at times. And we’ve had quite a few days with winds better than 15 knots which makes us bounce around on the ball. We can’t or shouldn’t complain we don’t have to shovel or worry about black ice.

The picture is of Penny the grand dog in the Christmas sweater we sent her. She is just as silly as it is.

Merry Christmas to you and yours

25 December 2020 | Sampe as we have been Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas ! We had a lovely Christmas, Santa managed to find us and leave us a trove of goodies. We facetimed with Jessica, Craig and the grandgirls and watched them open our gifts to them. We spent the day playing with our new gizmos and gadgets and had a quiet dinner on board. We’ll do the same for New Years. It’s been years since we were up at midnight and I suspect that we’ll be fast asleep when 2021 is ushered in.

The picture is of our adorable grand girls in their Christmas PJs. Santa brought them blue light glasses for all that screen time they're getting with hybrid learning

First trip to town this season

17 December 2020 | Stuart
We decided to walk into downtown Stuart today. It was early before the shops and businesses were open so we figured the crowds wouldn’t be out and about just yet. We hadn’t been downtown since last March. I was pleased to see that none of the businesses had closed their doors completely. We walked through the main business area and out past the county court buildings to the park. They had a display of Christmas trees that were sponsored by area businesses. We spent some time walking around and admiring the trees. By the time we headed back downtown was coming to life and the tables outside the restaurants were filling up with patrons. We headed back to the Marina and out to the boat.

The picture is of some of the trees in the park.

A walk across the bridge

16 December 2020 | Sunset Bay Stuart
.We took a walk across the Old Roosevelt Bridge early this morning, just to get off the boat for a bit and get some exercise. I need to get back into a pattern of walking again regularly. The captain joined me today as I had told him they were doing some sort of construction project by the bridge and had the river walk blocked off. He wanted to see what was up with that. It looks like they may be expanding the parking by the road there. It is very much needed. After he checked it out we continued on to the North side of the river and walked in the residential neighborhood. We did encounter a few other runners and walkers but mostly it was a quiet stroll and a welcome chance to stretch our legs.

Santa waved Hi to us as we walked by, socially distanced of course LOL
Vessel Name: Light Reach
Vessel Make/Model: Pacific Seacraft 37
Hailing Port: Annapolis Md
Crew: Scott and Sally and missing our CSO India the wonder Schnauzer she sails on in our hearts
Scott and Sally met in college, married and lived the average dirt dweller life for years always somewhere near the water. We fell in love with sailing in the early 90's. Summer of 2014 we both retired and became full time cruisers. [...]
Extra: "I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky; and all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by." John Masefield
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