SV Little Wing

15 April 2008
22 February 2008 | Charleston, SC

Getting ready

15 April 2008
We spent last weekend getting ready for our little hop to S Edisto. Motor got new plugs and choke cable re-fastened, oh - and #1 and #2 spark plug wires replaced - cause the old one had rested on the hot engine and melted a bit. Switched to a different hook for the pig tail - it could be a 1/4" shorter. Separate shackle in existing hole on sail track outhaul car for topping lift. Inspected and spec'd replacement line for outhaul, routing slab reefing to front of boom, will leave topping lift at cleat at rear of boom. Other stuff.....
Spent the night, slept good and late - big breakfast.

22 February 2008 | Charleston, SC
Looks like a nice place for a sailing blog. Lets check it out!
Vessel Name: Little Wing
Vessel Make/Model: Ericson 29
Hailing Port: Charleston SC
Crew: Hank & Denise
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Who: Hank & Denise
Port: Charleston SC