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A passion for adventure, quietness, dreams of traveling the world are just a few things that may have sparked a man to build a sailboat let alone a 45 foot trimaran. Ed Horstman design -

08 July 2009

S/V Arctic Tern

08 July 2009
Beautiful day in San Francisco! Sunny and quite nice with a little breeze.

Last night we went out to dinner with Jim & Juanita and some friends to Cafe Raj. Jim & Juanita are finally going south. Of course they have not left yet. This remains to be seen. They have a couple more things they need to do before sailing under the Golden Gate bridge then turn left to head South. Leaving will also depend on the weather outside the gate.

I think they will finally leave, if not today maybe in a couple of days. They will surely be missed.
Vessel Name: Midnight Sun
Vessel Make/Model: Hortsman Trimaran 45
Crew: Lenard Peckett - Capt. & Wilma Snider - First Mate
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The Crew

Who: Lenard Peckett - Capt. & Wilma Snider - First Mate