Cruising with Molly J

19 April 2014 | Mazatlan, MX

Stone Island

19 April 2014 | Mazatlan, MX
Lisa / Sunny
Easter weekend. It seems issues often arrive when help is hard to find, so Jon is in the cockpit enjoying a book, and I'm trying to set up SailMail and our SailBlog. Plans to leave today (Saturday before Easter, 2014) at 2 pm for Topolobampo were derailed when inverter issues cropped up within 15 minutes of leaving. New plan is to chill out for the weekend and then call local marinas in Mazatlán for a slip, so we can get an electrician out to the boat. Both of us are bemoaning the fact we have banking skills and lack REAL skill sets like electrical, plumbing, nursing, etc. Anyone out there need cash flow analysis?
Vessel Name: Molly J
Vessel Make/Model: CAL 2-46
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA
Crew: Jon & Lisa Hansen
About: Jon loves to travel. Lisa tags along.
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Molly J

Who: Jon & Lisa Hansen
Port: San Francisco, CA