Adventures aboard the SV Mystic

SV Mystic adventures

Who: Kenneth M. Fersht & Kathryn Nimetz
Port: Pender Island, British Columbia
30 June 2011 | Salt Spring Island: Pender Islands
20 June 2010 | Pender Island, BC
14 November 2009 | Pender Island, BC
20 October 2009 | Gulf Islands, BC
03 September 2009 | Otter Bay Marina, Pender Island, BC
10 August 2009 | Poets Cove, Pender Island

Cape Keppel, Dogfish, Poet's Cove

30 June 2011 | Salt Spring Island: Pender Islands
Kmax, clearing, light
After spending the winter in Ganges Harbour, on Salt Spring Island, we are back sailing again. Got a job to make a web site and do some photography for a property developer down on the south end of the island. The property is lovely; it sits nestled on the southernmost tip of Salt Spring Island, on the shoulder of Mount Tuam and going down through some 30 acres of forest, meadow, steams and trails. The place has a dock, electricity, wireless internet, with a guest house and a hot tub bath, gazebo, the worlds best espresso machine (in my opinion). About 10 minutes after dropping anchor i caught a dogfish, about a foot and a half long, with glowing cat-eyes. I was just in the middle of helping finish up with cooking dinner at the time (red-snapper with potato chips and salad, i did not catch the snapper i bought it). I'm not sure that i like dogfish(except for photographing them) but i suppose it would sustain you in a pinch. With a dog fish, you have to watch out for their small but very sharp teeth and also a spur on the tail can do some damage if you're not careful. A dog fish is essentially a miniature shark.

This fellow got his tail hopelessly wound in my net, which meant that i didn't have a chance to throw him back in the sea. If you want to eat a dogfish, which is very popular in some parts of the world, like england for example, you must kill and clean the fish immediately and then soak in fresh water for 12-24 hours to remove and ammonia in the flesh. I'm no expert in this so you should do more re-search before eating one of these, to find out how to properly clean this fish. What did i use for bait? Lox believe it or not, that's right smoked salmon on a bomber. Not a very good trade in retrospect but i got a whole bag of trim for cheap on Salt Spring Island.

On second thought, may as well just leave dogfish alone and throw them back if I can. I will if i ever accidentally catch another one. Ok here comes the sun so i'm going to get up on Deck. I'll attach a picture of the property on Cape Keppel for you to see and also a picture of that dogfish with the cat-eyes.

Currently at Poet's Cove on Pender Island, one of our favourite local destinations, due to the fact that the dock staff are so nice, and they have a pool, hot tub, spa and a pretty good restaurant with wi-fi. Great little hike to green lake is close by also and it's right on a marine park with mooring buoys or you can dock, there is usually space mid week at least.
Vessel Name: Mystic
Vessel Make/Model: Spencer Sloop
Hailing Port: Pender Island, British Columbia
Crew: Kenneth M. Fersht & Kathryn Nimetz
We are a pair of multimedia production artists. Ken makes online tourist maps,, builds fine web sites, does photography, and makes music along the way. [...]
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SV Mystic adventures

Who: Kenneth M. Fersht & Kathryn Nimetz
Port: Pender Island, British Columbia