s/v Narnia

The Adventures of Scotty, Sue and Dan aboard Narnia

How it all began with Narnia

We were camping in the RV at Half Moon Bay over Memorial Day weekend in 2018, and as was our habit at the time, we were perusing Yacht World and dreaming about sailing off around the world. Ever since we sold our last "Big Boat" in 2010

Scrubbing off winter

We spent Sunday afternoon scrubbing the winter moss off of the deck of Narnia. The North side of the boat gets very little sun, so today Narnia got a good bath. Great day.

First Sail of 2021

So here it is January 9, 2021 in Northern California, and the weather feels like Spring. Warm and sunny with a light Southwesterly breeze just strong enough to fill the sails. It was a perfect day to take Narnia's little sister, the Capri 18 that we keep...

Happy New Year - Narnia's Life Raft Mounted

What better way to start off 2021 then with completing some boat projects. Today was the long overdue mounting of Narnia's life raft. As with all boat projects, the 1 hour job estimate actually took all day to complete.

A large portion of...

Narnia's Life Raft is Repacked and Certified!

So what does a repacked and certified life raft look like? Well not much changes, a couple of new labels and a box of stuff they said they replaced. You have to take it on faith that it was really done :-). Thank you Avalon Rafts in Wilmington CA for...

Narnia Christmas Lights

We decorated Narnia for Christmas this year for the Emery Cove boat lighting contest. We came in 12th place (yes there were more then 11 other boats!). We won 2 t-shirts.

Diesel Fuel Polishing Day

Narnia is a Caliber 40 LRC (Long Range Cruiser) and as such she is capable of carrying about 212 gallons of diesel fuel in her 2 tanks. As we spend most of our time sailing, not motoring, we tend to not use a lot of fuel. This becomes an issue as the fuel in...

Narnia finally gets her new dinghy

We purchased Narnia's dinghy early in 2019 but kept it at home as we never had an occasion to unpack and use it on board. Today we brought the motor and dinghy to Narnia for a test run.

Mounting Narnia's Dinghy Outboard

We got the outboard mounted on the stem rail using the outboard lifting davit (worked like a charm). Also used the arm to lower the outboard onto the dinghy. Easy, at least at the dock. Motor is a Jonson 15HP 2-stroke.

Here comes the storm

We put the full enclosure canvas on just before the hail and high winds started. Rocking and rolling at the dock. Warm and cozy in the cockpit. Scotty doesn't even notice.