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12 July 2011 | Cloudbreak, Fiji
Well apparently one of the big surf spots in the world is right around the corner from us and it is big and beautiful right now. We heard last week that it was supposed to come in perfect this week. Yesterday Mark and Chris (Mooneshine) went out to check it out. We weren't really sure I'd be able to handle the dinghy ride since it's a ways out and then we weren't sure what the conditions would be like sitting there so I stayed home. When they got back they thought it was cool enough that I should give it a shot. Mark said the dinghy ride wasn't that bad and sitting there wasn't an issue. So today Mark and I packed up the dinghy with snacks, drinks, and extra fuel and headed out. It was a bit of a ride to get out there and we did hit a rough patch that the boys didn't experience yesterday (we determined that there is more wind today) but overall it wasn't too bad. At first the surf wasn't as good as yesterday, according to Mark, but as we sat and watched some good waves started to come in. It was pretty cool to see these gigantic waves up close and people surfing them. It's amazing you can sit that close to a wave that is breaking and you don't have to worry about it hitting you. We got some good pictures but didn't stay out to long. Apparently there are some big names out there (Kelly Slater is the only one I've ever heard of but I have no idea what he looks like) so I'm sure my pictures are of some famous surfers but I don't know who they are.
Vessel Name: Northfork
Vessel Make/Model: Amel Super Maramu 2000
Hailing Port: Incline Village
Crew: Mark, Dana
Mark and Dana set out in June of 2008. We have sailed the Eastern Seaboard of the US, down through the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal, and crossed the Pacific Ocean to NZ where we spent six months for the cyclone season. We are now back out in the Pacific Islands and heading toward Australia. [...]
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Port: Incline Village
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