Pegasus - UK to Australia

Who: Sally and Hamish
Port: Lymington, UK
27 December 2010 | Gold Coast, Australia
11 October 2010 | Albufeira, Portugal
06 September 2010 | Portugal
28 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
27 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
23 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
12 August 2010 | Cascais, Portugal
10 August 2010 | Camarinas, Spain
08 August 2010 | Camarinas, Spain
02 August 2010 | Portsmouth
24 July 2010 | Lymington
23 July 2010 | Lymington, UK
20 July 2010 | Lymington
17 June 2010
16 June 2010 | Lymington
07 June 2010
10 May 2010
27 April 2010 | London, UK
20 April 2010 | Lymington, UK
09 April 2010 | London, UK

We have a BOY!

27 December 2010 | Gold Coast, Australia
Author: Hamish
Finlayson arrived into our world at 9.21pm on 26th December 2010 by natural delivery.
Our world has been turned upside down and we are loving every moment of it (although the sleep deprivation is a little like torture!).
Mum, dad and Fin are all doing well.
He weighed in at a healthy 4260g (9pounds 6) and 53cm long.

No doubt, he will love sailing!

The Final Sale

11 October 2010 | Albufeira, Portugal
Author: Hamish
Photo: Self portrait of a solo sailer
Have been wanting to sail Pegasus solo since we bought her and have finally got the chance. The weather was quite calm and was able to leave Portimao marina unassisted, sail to Albufeira and dock her also without assistance.
Wasnt a huge distance but I did find that sailing solo is a potent elixir of nerves, excitement and adrenalin. It is a great feeling being 100% reliant on oneself.
This was essentially a delivery trip as the big news is that we have sold Pegasus. Some will have picked up that we are expecting our first child in December and although we have debated long and hard, the sensible thing was for us to put our trip back to Australia on hold and sell Pegasus.
The new owner is from Poland and has grand plans to do some blue water cruising with her. Initially he will keep her in Greece but eventually wants to cross the Atlantic and perhaps get Down Under. It has been a wonderful journey for us and know the new owner will enjoy this fantastic yacht.
For me it is now time to fly back to Australia and join Sally while we prepare to have our lives turned upside down!
One day as an enlarged family we will return to sailing and complete our adventure.

Isla da Culatra & Vilamoura

06 September 2010 | Portugal
Author: Sally
After we said goodbye to James and Claire and had Patrick back on board after a 4 day hiatus in Seville, we left Portimao early and sailed to Isla da Culatra to spend a few days.
Before we left though, I did catch some footage of Patrick and Hamish mucking around on the dock doing what boys do best, cutting their hair and playing with toys...

Once we found a suitable place to anchor Hamish & I were straight in the dinghy over to the shore to see what it was like. We had read a few blog posts to say how great it was - no cars, no roads, only concrete footpaths to get everywhere, and it was full of local fisherman, but there was a lot of rubbish on the shore, and generally it felt a little dirty.

The next day we caught the local ferry over to Olhao, the next closest town, other than Faro, had a look around and some yummy seabass for lunch.

The wind was really strong and we were grateful to be in a very protected bay, but the short dinghy ride back to the boat left us in no uncertain terms as to how strong the wind actually was - we were all drenched from head to foot with small waves crashing over the front and luckily we had protected the groceries in a waterproof bag!

We left the next day to head back to Vilamoura, conscious that we only had a few days left before Hamish and I fly back to London for a few weeks, and Patrick left us for Madrid and his overland tour back to London as well.

Before we left we came out in the morning to what seemed like hundreds of fish just hanging around our boat, but they didn't seem to want any food we had to give them...


28 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
Author: Sally
We had our good friends James and Claire join us for a weeks holiday this week - precious time from their annual leave.
They joined us in Portimao which we spent a few days lazing around on the beaches and cafe's eating Gelato's (which has come to be a daily occurance if we are ashore). We also had a meal at what we thought was going to be a local and inexpesive, but well known fish restaurant. It turned out to be fantastic food - but of course everything good comes at a price. Be warned, if you are in the Portimao / Ferragudo area, Sueste Restuarant has excellent food and service - but you do pay for it!

We then sailed across from Portimao to Albufeira stopping on the way to have lunch just outside some caves and the boys went exploring in the dinghy, after we had all had a swim off the back of the boat - Water temp was about 24degrees, so quite nice.

They came back to get Claire and I, and we captured on video one place that was really special. The landing was a little unexpected, as James forgot his role in jumping out of the boat to help us ashore, so we nearly rolled it on an incoming wave, but we were all laughing too hard to get out and do anything about it!

Once in Albuferia, we had a day inland exploring a town called Loule, exploring the streets and having some lunch, then we also went on to Vilamoura beach and had a swim to wash off the heat of the day, which was fantastic.

We left Albufeira the next morning, and managed to get the spinnaker out for a while in the light winds and the boys jumped off the back to have a swim since we were doing a total of 1.5knots! Once they were in and dragging off some ropes we had tied on, the speed pretty much dropped to nothing but fun was had all round.

A week passed very quickly, and we dropped James and Claire back off in Portimao to fly back to London and the rain.. while we left the next day to go to Isla de Culatra.

For more pictures, visit the Photo gallery!

A bit of colour to help you through your day

27 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
Author: Hamish
After a couple of days at anchor in Portimao, we had a quick trip up to Lagos yesterday. The weather was the same as the day before and the day before that, hot, hot, hot, and not much wind, so we put up the sails and speed along at a massive 2.8knots! Time to jump of the back and cool down.

Thought it would be nice to break up the blue sky and blue water with a bit of colour, so put the spinnaker up. Sally and P jumped in the dinghy and took this cool vid, hope you enjoy.

We could get used to this...

23 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
Author: Hamish
Yesterday we left the excessiveness that is Vilamoura and sailed 20 miles west along the coast to possibly the only overnight anchorage on the Algarve, Portimao.
Greenhorn deckboy, PFS, is quickly learning how close to the wind he can't sail! As the heat and cost of staying in Vilamoura was excessive, we left around 2pm after using as much water and electricity as possible with a rough plan of heading back to Albufeira. The wind was on the nose but we were making great progress tacking our way up the coast under full headsail. Making good progress we changed plans and kept going to Portimao. Portimao has a good sized bay protected by two large breakwaters. A popular spot with about 30 boats at anchor. After a sensible discussion, which I lost, about how close to anchor to other boats, we had 3 attempts before settling in for the night with dance music wafting across the bay. We awoke this morning around 9.30 to another glorious sunny day with the water temp of 24 degrees. Patrick had been in for 5 swims before 10am! We then headed over to the beach cafe and are currently working our way through the menu. As the sun is going down Sally has just announced that its Monday night, moovee night!
Vessel Name: Pegasus
Vessel Make/Model: 2002 Beneteau 50
Hailing Port: Lymington, UK
Crew: Sally and Hamish
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Sailing around the world has always been something that Hamish has wanted to do, but never thought the opportunity would arise. He has sailed since a very young age on his father’s yacht on Lake Te Anau, New Zealand and a lot of dingy sailing at school in Australia. He has also owned a couple [...]

Who: Sally and Hamish
Port: Lymington, UK
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