Pegasus - UK to Australia

Who: Sally and Hamish
Port: Lymington, UK
27 December 2010 | Gold Coast, Australia
11 October 2010 | Albufeira, Portugal
06 September 2010 | Portugal
28 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
27 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
23 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
12 August 2010 | Cascais, Portugal
10 August 2010 | Camarinas, Spain
08 August 2010 | Camarinas, Spain
02 August 2010 | Portsmouth
24 July 2010 | Lymington
23 July 2010 | Lymington, UK
20 July 2010 | Lymington
17 June 2010
16 June 2010 | Lymington
07 June 2010
10 May 2010
27 April 2010 | London, UK
20 April 2010 | Lymington, UK
09 April 2010 | London, UK

Dropping the ropes

16 March 2010 | Hamble, UK
Author: Sally
We finally had our first taste of sailing 'Pegasus' on the weekend with some lovely Spring weather, and it wasn't without its challenges. You try coming into dock for the first time with 14 tonnes and 50 foot of boat under your command, and not feel intimidated! I am very pleased to say we both did it without adding another scratch to her hull, or bruising our egos along the way.

After a late night Friday and an early morning Saturday finishing some odd jobs (very importantly correctly installing TV number 2), we met our practical instructor, Eddie.
Apparently (thanks Hamish!), it was my job to show him around the boat and give my first safety briefing, pointing out relevant equipment and procedures in case of any emergency. Something I will have to do many times in the coming months, so I guess I had to start somewhere. All went relatively smoothly, and I even learnt the location of a few more things along the way.

We then had a slight delay, in that we needed to rig a new genoa, as the current one was off being mended. It appeared there was a problem with the furling head when we took the first one down, and it was Hamish's task to fix it when we rigged the second one. He happily went for a ride up the mast ( thank goodness for electric winches), and ended staying up there for almost an hour as between us all, we tried to resolve some shackle issues...Lesson 1 million and 1 - you can never have enough shackles of varying sizes and shapes.
The next task was topping up with fuel, and we then finally headed out to the Solent for the first chance of hoisting the sails. We were lucky to have a good amount of sunshine and blue sky with just the right amount of wind for a great day of sailing. Despite the sun, it was still freezing cold on the water and all necessary winter gear needed to be worn.

We then stayed in Hamble for the night and were able to show off 'Pegasus' to our friends Chris and Jo who were co-incidentally staying in the area for the weekend. The first of many drinks and nibbles in the saloon, but hopefully without the heating on!
We then awoke on Sunday morning to sun streaming in and the first real feeling of 'this is going to be our home soon'! We spent the rest of the day completing various drills in handling, reefing, navigation etc to fulfil parts of the syllabus and we still have 3 more days of fun to look forward to in order to finish. Let's just hope the weather holds!
Vessel Name: Pegasus
Vessel Make/Model: 2002 Beneteau 50
Hailing Port: Lymington, UK
Crew: Sally and Hamish
S [...]
Sailing around the world has always been something that Hamish has wanted to do, but never thought the opportunity would arise. He has sailed since a very young age on his father’s yacht on Lake Te Anau, New Zealand and a lot of dingy sailing at school in Australia. He has also owned a couple [...]
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Who: Sally and Hamish
Port: Lymington, UK
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