Pegasus - UK to Australia

Who: Sally and Hamish
Port: Lymington, UK
27 December 2010 | Gold Coast, Australia
11 October 2010 | Albufeira, Portugal
06 September 2010 | Portugal
28 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
27 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
23 August 2010 | Portimao, Portugal
12 August 2010 | Cascais, Portugal
10 August 2010 | Camarinas, Spain
08 August 2010 | Camarinas, Spain
02 August 2010 | Portsmouth
24 July 2010 | Lymington
23 July 2010 | Lymington, UK
20 July 2010 | Lymington
17 June 2010
16 June 2010 | Lymington
07 June 2010
10 May 2010
27 April 2010 | London, UK
20 April 2010 | Lymington, UK
09 April 2010 | London, UK

Bayona / Peniche / Cascais

12 August 2010 | Cascais, Portugal
Author: Sally
We left Bayona the following afternoon in what was very thick seafog - apparently a local phenomena when the wind blows in from the West bringing the cold sea air in contact with the warm air over land. At first we thought it was smoke from a fire as we were sitting in a restuarant having a drink, but then soon realised what it really was!
We were down to 100m visibility which was strange considering the afternoon before was lovely and bright. It was the start of another overnight passage to Peniche, as the only place to stop between Bayona and Cascais as our next destination.

Soon into the sail we had left Spanish waters and entered Portugese, so a change in courtesy flag was necessary.

After almost 24 hours of sailing in the fog and one close call with a container ship - it was going to miss us by 0.4 of a NM with a length of 400ft, so after numerous calls on the VHF and no response, we altered course, and then heard the rumbling of his engines not too far off - a bit of a close call when they are that big!

Peniche was just an overnight stop so we left mid morning sailing onto Cascais, arriving in at about 1730. Winds were up to 30 - 35 knots on the stern and we hit a top speed of just over 14knots coming down one of the waves which made for some exciting moments. On average though it was more comfortable at about 10 knots!

Cascais is a great little town and the marina has good facilites ( although the laundry is a bit expensive at 5 Euros a wash, on top of the visitor fee of 71 Euros per night for our length) with free wifi near the restaurants. The town centre is only about 15 min walk away and has several small beaches right in the bay. After 2 nights in the marina, and saying goodbye to Sarah and Fern, we haved moved off onto anchor in the bay just outside the marina while waiting for our next crew member to arrive - Hamish's brother in law - Patrick.
Vessel Name: Pegasus
Vessel Make/Model: 2002 Beneteau 50
Hailing Port: Lymington, UK
Crew: Sally and Hamish
S [...]
Sailing around the world has always been something that Hamish has wanted to do, but never thought the opportunity would arise. He has sailed since a very young age on his father’s yacht on Lake Te Anau, New Zealand and a lot of dingy sailing at school in Australia. He has also owned a couple [...]
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Who: Sally and Hamish
Port: Lymington, UK
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