The Raven Log

The crew of sv Raven now on land.

26 September 2009 | San Carlos, MX
10 September 2009
05 September 2009
05 September 2009 | San Carlos, MX
11 August 2009 | Cheryl's Bag
09 August 2009 | Taos Solar Center
09 August 2009 | Taos Solar Center
08 August 2009
07 August 2009 | on the other side of the barbed-wire fence from our yard
07 August 2009
06 August 2009 | Our Wood Pile
05 August 2009 | Our Shoe Pile
01 August 2009
07 July 2009
07 July 2009
07 July 2009
07 July 2009
05 July 2009
03 July 2009

2nd Best Day In A Sailors Life!

08 December 2009
is the day he/she sells the boat! Yes we signed the contract today so now Raven will belong to a man from Australia. There was something in the paper work to Marina Seca about 'until he sends shipping info' so she may be headed to Australia! Weirdly enough today is also the 2nd anniversary of us losing Hilo overboard so something to cheer us up on this day AND we think he is helping us out from the Great Beyond.

Damage To Raven's Keel

26 September 2009 | San Carlos, MX
No splash for Raven after the surveyor finds this damage. God only knows when the yard can get around to fixing it (they still don't have power) which we means, no test sail, which means no sale, until all this can happen...........

Raven's OK!

10 September 2009
Word from the broker is that Raven is OK AND the buyer is still interested in purchasing her! He's hired a surveyor to take a look and take her out for a test sail - when the yard can put her in the water.....

05 September 2009
wind damage

2 Days Before Potential Buyer Comes to Look At Raven

05 September 2009 | San Carlos, MX
a class 4 (out of 5) hurricane that luckily down graded to a Depression slams into San Carlos! Boat ownership is a tragic comedy! We think Raven is OK though seriously doubt anything left on deck is still there. Email from the storage yard says not to come down for a week until they get things cleaned up, main highway into town has a 20foot wide section washed out anyway - though we hear they are working on a by-pass. Power is being restored so we await the final word.

Momma Mia, Momma Mia

11 August 2009 | Cheryl's Bag
Mia in a cozy spot
Vessel Name: Raven
Vessel Make/Model: Westsail 32
Hailing Port: Crested Butte, Colorado, USA
Crew: Capt'n Scott, Admiral Cheryl, Spirit Guide Hilo
About: Capt'n Scott - formerly responsible for the crews lives Cheryl - former Admiral, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, etc., etc. Hilo - Spirit Guide & Protector (formally- Bug Catcher, Scarer of Birds, Lap Warmer, Provider of Unconditional Love (as long as his food bowl is full)
Westsails have an interesting history. They were designed after pilot boats, boats that were made very sturdy so they could spend hours in rough seas. They were over built with fiberglass so they are thicker than most fiberglass boats and are wider (beamier) than most other boats for their length [...]
Raven's Photos - Raven Sails Pedro & Baja '06
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one of those white caps is Raven
where we went
another view of Raven
toerail almost in the water
sailing off into the sunset
kite surfers at Playa Algodones 12
anchored at Escondido Las Cocinas
full sails up
Scott enjoying the sunset while enjoying the bowsprit
sailing down wind back to San Carlos
sailing up the Mexican coast
Cheryl at the helm
one of the freindly cat fish that taunted us
exploring by kayak
Scuba Cheryl
Cheryl relaxing in the shade
Scott walking out to Raven
Raven anchored at Bahia San Pedro 12
Playa Algodones
anchored off of Bahia San Francisco 2
Scott preparing a float to set out a stern anchor
HIlo as our life guard
anchored just north of Bahia San Pedro 6
palm trees at Playa Santa Barbara 6
Raven anchored in Bahia San Pedro 12
sunset while anchored just north of Bahia San Pedro
having a kick-butt sail near Baja
Scuba Scott on Playa Santa Barbara
Cheryl at the helm at night crossing the sea
Crane at Playa Santa Barbara
new umbelical cord
a shellfish grave yard on the beach
the school of catfish
Scott walkiing out to Raven in the more shallow water
a bird- a crane -on the beach
Hilo as our lifeguard
toe rail almost in the water
Scott on the bowsprit at sunset

S/V RAVEN & HER CREW from 2004-2009

Who: Capt'n Scott, Admiral Cheryl, Spirit Guide Hilo
Port: Crested Butte, Colorado, USA
"God is happiest when his children are at play" - the Legend of Bagger Vance
"A riveting and exciting read, I can barely wait each month for the new entry". - Capt'n Halsey, the Yellow Submarine