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08 July 2013 | Deale, MD.

Greetings and Welcome

08 July 2013 | Deale, MD.
Gary / Thunderstorms, as usual
Greetings from both of us. This blog will likely be short lived as we are unabashedly trying to sell the SV Robin and move onto a much larger cruiser. We will, however, keep this up to date with project status as the improvements continue and we move forward toward our dream of living aboard and cruising the Atlantic and Med. For now, just know that the S/V Robin has been a great starter boat for us. We bought her in rough shape and have learned so very much fixing and upgrading things along the way. Here's the basic story:
We decided about 10 years ago that sailing was our dream. How it came about was pretty amazing all in itself, but that is a story already blogged on our website ( We finally decided against a power boat, "just to get on the water" and under the S/V Robin because we really wanted to sail and here was the perfect opportunity. So, we negotiated an "as is" price (which I now know is a silly thing to do, but we were pretty enamored) and motored away. Within minutes all the gauges quit working, the lights died and we had no idea what we'd gotten in to.

We experienced Biscayne Bay, the Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay with our intrepid Sabre 28 and have enjoyed everything from outrunning a tropical storm to lazy downwind wing-on-wing afternoons. She's a no-frills boat. Basic in all aspects. At one point I think she was outfitted for longer cruises, but the previous owners scavenged a lot of stuff out before putting her on the market.

The S/V Robin is a 1979 Sabre 28. Repowered to a Volvo MD7A some time in the 80's and air conditioned in 2001. There's a V-berth, a basic head, Settee that makes into a bead and a quarter-berth. You could sleep 5 if you didn't mind close quarters. I will post a full spec sheet if I can get away with it and link to the pictures for your perusal.

Thanks for letting me introduce the Robin and brazenly use the blog to promote her sale.

Vessel Name: Robin
Vessel Make/Model: Sabre 28
Hailing Port: Deale, MD
Crew: Gary & Robin
About: Retiring very soon. The S/V Robin is now for sale as we look for a world cruiser
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REalizing the Dream

Who: Gary & Robin
Port: Deale, MD