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11 March 2012 | Georgetown Exuma

Moving Our Blog

11 March 2012 | Georgetown Exuma
S&T - 28 gusting 34 knots
In the process of moving our blog from the Apple MobileMe service to much for the value of using a Mac and iWeb.......hard to believe that Apple is abandoning hosting of websites for Mac owners.....really lowers the value of having a Mac over a much cheaper Windows PC.......bear with us as we have very limited internet service here and will get this done in pieces in between spearfishing for dinner, mixing & consuming sundowners, discussing boat reparis - current and future - with other boat owners, researching online for where we can park in London during the Olympics and other time consuming tasks :-)
Vessel Name: Sangaris
Vessel Make/Model: Manta 42 MkII Catamaran
Hailing Port: Annapolis
Crew: Tina & Scott Ligon
About: 2011/2012 is our second year out cruising on Sangaris in the Bahamas - tough place to spend the winter but someones got to help support the economy down here :-)
Heading home to Annapolis in late May and then to London in July for the Olympics - super proud to say that our niece, Nina, has qualified and been selected to represent Thailand in Three Day Eventing - the youngest female to ever qualify for this sport and the very first female from Asia to [...]
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The Crew

Who: Tina & Scott Ligon
Port: Annapolis