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29 April 2014 | Jacksonville, FL
27 April 2014 | Atlantic Ocean
27 April 2014 | Atlantic Ocean
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26 April 2014 | Atlantic Ocean
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02 April 2014 | Marsh Harbor
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06 April 2014 | Marsh Harbor
John Stevenson
I was planning to depart the Bahamas before the end of this month. Looks like I'll be leaving a little sooner. This hasn't been a very comfortable cruise on Sarah as many of the important systems (batteries, charger, frig and stove) have not been operating well.

The latest problem is the generator. The impeller on the raw water pump failed a couple of days ago. No problem, I have several spares on board. Working on the pump is very awkward as I have to lean into the aft lazarette and have to use one hand to keep myself from falling into the locker. That leaves on hand to remove the screws on the cover plate. When I removed the last screw I hadn't secured the plate and it fell off the pump and rolled under the fuel tank. I hoped it only went short ways, but when I took some pictures (see above) it was clear the plate is out of reach. Just in case I used a long handle brush to sweep anything within reach of the brush back to where I might reach it. Lots of dirt, but no plate. Eight years ago I dropped the generator oil cap down there and the generator was inoperable until I could get a replacement shipped to me. I did recover that cap a few years later when I removed the fuel tank. I don't plan on another tank removal any time soon, so I need a replacement cover to get the generator back in operation. The last time I attempted to have Northern Lights parts sent to me in Marsh Harbor it was very expensive and very slow. Currently I'm waiting on mail that was forwarded to me over a month ago so things aren't moving any faster here than in 2009. It is possible I might be able to get a replacement through one of the local boatyards, but I'm not holding any hope. Last time I had to deal with a dealer in Nassau.

So I think this latest issue has moved up my departure. There is another front due through here on Wednesday. As soon as things settle down a bit I start heading back.

Vessel Name: Sarah
Vessel Make/Model: Pearson 424 Ketch
Hailing Port: Falls Church, VA
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