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Teak Job Complete

05 December 2012 | La Paz
We are a little more than half way through our stay there before we head off on another adventure over Christmas then home in January for the new grandbaby. The teak was finished yesterday so now we can play.

We had the teak all re-done with varnish, stripped and then 6 coats added, about 3 years ago. Since then Scott would add about 2 coats a year but this summer, being the first one we weren’t here, it started flaking and really showed that it needed to be removed and re-done. We decided 3 years wasn’t very long and so decided to go to Cetol. We applied one coat of Cetol light and 4 coats of the high gloss clear and it looks just as good as the varnish did 3 years ago. (Heidi I read your blog about the gloss after we started!)

I’ve been walking every morning with Diane and then Scott and I have been walking about town doing our errands while the Cetol dries. Friday I’m going with Susan to get massages and Saturday a steam cleaner is coming down to the boat to clean our cushions. It is just life as usual down here. Sunny and 80’s during the day and cooling down enough at night that I put a blanket on our bed!
Vessel Name: Scott Free
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 44
Hailing Port: Seattle
Crew: Scott and Monica Stoner
About: We are set for a life time of adventures together. We love life aboard and are living the dream!
Extra: This adventure started as a comment in 2006 on our honeymoon in the BVI's and has grown to the present reality.

SV Scott Free

Who: Scott and Monica Stoner
Port: Seattle