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The days of winter

30 January 2014 | La Paz
I used to be so much better about updating the blog than I am now. It seems since we are on year 5 of this adventure there are lots of repeats; another day in lovely La Paz. This may seem a bit mundane for a cruising blog as we are just living on the boat at the dock and not out and seeking wild adventures on a daily basis. We do hope to leave the dock soon though, and actually did do an overnight out at Ensenada Grande last week. I’ll provide you with a recap of our lives for the past 10 days or so.

We’ve got food back in the fridge and freezer and have settled back into our normal routine since our guest John left. I’ve been cooking dinner aboard, well except for last night. Last night Kevan took us out since we helped him by bringing his auto pilot down for him in our luggage. Scott and I have been uptown a few times, had fish tacos at the street vendor behind the Cathedral. We had Rod and Jane over for dinner the other night, arracharra tacos, they were wonderful! I took a trip out to Home Depot, Soriana, City Club and Walmart on the bus with Jane and Diane. We had a very productive shopping trip and I learned the ropes on the local bus. Today we 3 girls went up to the Bravo Market, the local Mercado where they have fresh veggies, meat, fish and cheeses. I bought limes, rib eye steaks and pork chops.

We are having someone help replace the exhaust elbow on the engine and as soon as this gets done and we watch the Seahawks win the Super Bowl we’ll take off to the islands for a few days. This will be monumental as we’ll re-activate the watermaker. We filter the dock water and use one of our tanks for this but it is still hard water and I’m tired of the spots on everything so watermaker water will be a joy to have again! We’ve been so spoiled with the pure water made aboard. Of course before we head out we’ll have to head back up to the market and get more produce and drinks.

In between all of this we've had Mexican Train games, dock parties and other assorted gatherings with our friends down here. All and all, we are so enjoying being back and can't think of a better way to spend a winter.
Vessel Name: Scott Free
Vessel Make/Model: Gulfstar 44
Hailing Port: Seattle
Crew: Scott and Monica Stoner
About: We are set for a life time of adventures together. We love life aboard and are living the dream!
Extra: This adventure started as a comment in 2006 on our honeymoon in the BVI's and has grown to the present reality.

SV Scott Free

Who: Scott and Monica Stoner
Port: Seattle