S/V Seychelles

S/V Seychelles leaves SE Alaska, heading to where we don't need fleece and foul weather gear.

14 December 2012 | Mazatlan Mexico
08 December 2012 | Mazatlan Mexico
09 June 2012 | Sea of Cortez
23 May 2012 | La Paz
25 February 2012 | Bahia Tenacatita
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22 December 2011 | La Cruz & Puerto Vallarta
12 December 2011 | Islands North of La Paz
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02 November 2011 | Bahia Santa Maria to Cabo San Lucas
29 October 2011 | Turtle Bay to Bahia Santa Maria
27 October 2011 | Turtle Bay Mx
24 October 2011 | San Diego to Turtle Bay MX
23 October 2011 | San Diego
12 October 2011 | Kona Kai Marina, Shelter Island, San Diego
20 September 2011 | Kona Kai Marina, shelter Island, San Diego
14 September 2011 | Marina Del Rey

Ha-Ha Leg 2

29 October 2011 | Turtle Bay to Bahia Santa Maria
10/29 - 10/31

Photo: Fleet leaving Turtle Bay

Leg 2 started Saturday morning, Oct. 29th. It was an idyllic scene with bag pipes and saxophone serenading the fleet as we weighed anchor and sailed out of Turtle Bay in light winds. Winds didn't hold though, and we were again motoring by late morning.

"Fish on" radio reports had been coming from the fleet since we left San Diego, but we had not yet caught one ourselves. Mid afternoon we finally caught our first fish, a Skip Jack. Not considered a good eating fish, we released it. Disappointing to say the least.

Photo: Another strike & no fish. Tore the hoochie apart this time.

About 3:30 that afternoon the wind picked up and we resumed sailing, running wing-on-wing (head sail poled out on one side and main sail prevented out on the other side of the boat) through the night. Seas increased throughout the night to a short period choppy 5 feet. Just after our 3:00 A.M. shift change the autopilot faulted and instead of taking his sleep break, John spent a couple hours head down under the bunk working on it while I hand steered. It continued to intermittently fail till we reached Bahia Santa Maria, when John finally figured out that it was overheating, thus shutting down. (He has now installed a cooling fan on the motor and it seems to have done the trick.)

We made our arrival in Bahia Santa Maria at 1:30 A.M. Monday morning. It is a beautiful place, wide open bay with dry rocky mountains along the north shore, long low sand beach reaching around the southwest shore, and mangroves separating the two. You could easily spend a week exploring this bay, then a couple more exploring Bahia Magdalena that opens to the south of Bahia Santa Maria and runs far to the north behind the rim of mountains. We only had two days to catch up on our sleep and explore what we could of the bay.

Photo: Bahia Santa Maria anchorage

Monday, we went ashore and officially checked into Mexico. It was a fairly smooth process, if not an exact one, as the fees seemed to be somewhat flexible. We walked about a bit, then returned to the boat for a nap. That evening we had dinner aboard S/V Hawaiian Sol with owners Les & Deb Cross and their Captain Lake Rickolt and his wife Jemma. We had met Les and Lake in San Diego at the marina we spent our time there in. They were preparing their beautiful new Beneteau 58 for the trip down to Cabo and were quite excited about it. Spending an evening aboard, it was easy to understand their excitement. It is indeed a beautiful boat! We enjoyed our evening together and a wonderful dinner of the fish they had caught on the 2nd leg of the rally.

Photo: Hawaiian Sol

Tuesday was our day to explore, so we took the dinghy in to the beach, through the surf, up through the mangroves, past small fish camps and around a small island. It was quite beautiful and amazing. Yes, a week would be nice here.

Photo: A fish camp in the mangroves

Later in the day there was a fish dinner and live music on shore. A tamale stand was also setup near the beach. We opted for the tamales over the fish dinner and were not disappointed. Only wished we had bought a dozen to take with us!

Photo: Beach party
Vessel Name: Seychelles
Vessel Make/Model: Hylas 49
Hailing Port: Douglas, Alaska
Crew: John Stone & Nicki Germain
About: We have sailed & cruised Southeast Alaska for years. 1991-2004, aboard our Hans Christian 39 PH, "Jolly Mon" , and 2004-2010, aboard our Hylas 49, "Seychelles". We’ve been living aboard "Seychelles" since we bought her.
Extra: After 20+ years of talking and planning we finally departed our home port of Juneau/Douglas, Alaska on June 18, 2011 to destinations south, leaving the fleece and foul weather gear behind!

S/V Seychelles

Who: John Stone & Nicki Germain
Port: Douglas, Alaska