S/V Seychelles

S/V Seychelles leaves SE Alaska, heading to where we don't need fleece and foul weather gear.

14 December 2012 | Mazatlan Mexico
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09 June 2012 | Sea of Cortez
23 May 2012 | La Paz
25 February 2012 | Bahia Tenacatita
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12 October 2011 | Kona Kai Marina, Shelter Island, San Diego
20 September 2011 | Kona Kai Marina, shelter Island, San Diego
14 September 2011 | Marina Del Rey

An Amazing Day!

25 February 2012 | Bahia Tenacatita
From the time we hit Baja California Sur, we have been seeing turtle nests in protective pens on the beaches. Never before today had we connected with one when a caretaker was attending to the nests.

Today on a walk along the beach with several other cruisers, I noticed that a caretaker was in the one large turtle nest pen here in Bahia Tenacatita. Wouldn’t you know I didn’t have my camera on me (nor did anyone else). However, we got to watch the caretaker dig up the nest and collect the Leatherback turtles that had already hatched. He placed the 25 to 30 hatched turtles into a bucket to hold for release in the evening, when the chance of escaping the many birds is greater for them. He then gently placed any un-hatched and partially hatched eggs back into the hole and covered them back up with warm sand, their progress to be checked on again tomorrow.

He allowed us to hold the newly hatched turtles, which fit easily in the palm of our hands. It was so amazing!

Friday evenings in Tenacatita, the cruisers have a dinghy raft-up. One dinghy drops an anchor and the others tie up off that one in a circle. Everyone brings an appetizer to share around the circle and we all visit and share stories. The “Mayor” (a cruiser who accepts the responsibility of organizing activities in the anchorage) usually selects an icebreaker topic to include when we go around the circle and introduce ourselves. This Friday’s topic was “amazing things we have seen in nature while boating/cruising”. I now have a new “amazing thing” on my list!
Vessel Name: Seychelles
Vessel Make/Model: Hylas 49
Hailing Port: Douglas, Alaska
Crew: John Stone & Nicki Germain
About: We have sailed & cruised Southeast Alaska for years. 1991-2004, aboard our Hans Christian 39 PH, "Jolly Mon" , and 2004-2010, aboard our Hylas 49, "Seychelles". We’ve been living aboard "Seychelles" since we bought her.
Extra: After 20+ years of talking and planning we finally departed our home port of Juneau/Douglas, Alaska on June 18, 2011 to destinations south, leaving the fleece and foul weather gear behind!

S/V Seychelles

Who: John Stone & Nicki Germain
Port: Douglas, Alaska