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Happy Mother's Day

13 May 2007 | Ganges Harbour
The folks from the other Sceptre in the harbor (Kiana) stopped by yesterday. Their names are Ziggy and Davey. Turns out that they've circumnavigated in their boat. A large proportion of Sceptres do, but they're the first we've actually met. They had a great sail through the Red Sea, but that was in 2000. I hope the political situation stabilizes enough by the time we're that far around the world that we can do it too.

John rowed us in to shore so that we could go to what we thought was the farmers' market. It turns out that it was more similar to the Saturday market in Portland, but smaller, of course. Lots of crafts with some food. It was fun even though we had to buy our veggies at the grocery store.

We also walked all the way around the harbor to Moby's, where we had heard that they sold fishing licenses. It seems that the federal government discourages retailers from selling licenses by making it very difficult for them and not paying them anything for providing the service. The result is that you can't buy a fishing license in Ganges, not even at Moby's anymore: you have to go online to get it and print your own. Other than the hassle of hauling out the printer, the online license has the disadvantage of excluding halibut in what they call area 121 on the other side of Vancouver Island. We'll be over there in August and love halibut, so we'd hoped to avoid that issue. However, we want to be licensed when we throw our crab pot over the side, so we may go ahead with the online license. We've seen crab on the bottom here and don't want to wait.

The wind picked up quite a bit last night, so there were lots of noises to get used to. Normally I don't think it would bother me, but some boats came in yesterday and anchored a little too close for our comfort. Consequently, every time a noise awakened me, I sat up and looked out the ports to spot our position. This despite the fact that John had set the anchor alarm. It wasn't our anchoring I was concerned about. It was those other people.

Today I remembered to check to see if my amateur radio license had been posted. It had. My call sign is KI4VQR. That's kilo-india-four-victor-quebec-romeo in radio talk. Don't expect to find me on the radio waves, though. The radio is at the nav station, and that's where John usually sits (and where he is in the photo at the top of this entry).
Vessel Name: Solstice
Vessel Make/Model: Sceptre 41
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA, USA
Crew: John Forbes and Shirlee Smith
About: Our crew is Märzen (our miniature dachshund) and whoever else is aboard at the moment, if anyone. We welcome friends and family to join us as crew for specific legs of our voyage or to visit at a destination.
Extra: We left San Francisco May 1, 2006, on our proposed 10-year voyage, now reduced to five years due to the economic crisis. Visit our home website for photos, more words, and links.
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Who: John Forbes and Shirlee Smith
Port: San Francisco, CA, USA