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05 August 2007
In order to get connected in Zeballos, we had to walk the laptop into town. That's not a hardship. We're at the community dock, and it's only a few blocks to town. In fact, we walked into town to explore, had a beer, and then walked back to the boat to feed the dog and get the computer. We're having pizza and wine here at the Zeballos Hotel.

We had a really great sail today all the way from the mouth of Esperanza Inlet to Zeballos. The wind was behind us, so we spent much of the time sailing wing-on-wing. We got over seven knots at one point. It was beautiful bay sailing without the ocean swell.

Tomorrow we'll leave early in the morning to take advantage of the ebb and avoid having those strong winds on our nose. We're going back to Queen Cove to pick up the crab pot and spent the night before heading on south to Friendly Cove.
Vessel Name: Solstice
Vessel Make/Model: Sceptre 41
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA, USA
Crew: John Forbes and Shirlee Smith
About: Our crew is Märzen (our miniature dachshund) and whoever else is aboard at the moment, if anyone. We welcome friends and family to join us as crew for specific legs of our voyage or to visit at a destination.
Extra: We left San Francisco May 1, 2006, on our proposed 10-year voyage, now reduced to five years due to the economic crisis. Visit our home website for photos, more words, and links.
Home Page: http://www.svsolstice.com


Who: John Forbes and Shirlee Smith
Port: San Francisco, CA, USA