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John and Shirlee's incredible adventure

10 December 2009 | Cartagena, Spain
11 October 2007 | Long Beach, CA
10 October 2007 | Long Beach, CA
08 October 2007 | Lala land
07 October 2007 | Oxnard, CA
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04 October 2007
04 October 2007
03 October 2007 | Oxnard, CA
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30 September 2007
27 September 2007 | Morro Bay, CA
25 September 2007
23 September 2007
22 September 2007
20 September 2007 | Monterey, CA
18 September 2007 | Monterey, CA
15 September 2007 | Emeryville, CA
14 September 2007 | Emeryville, CA
12 September 2007 | Emeryville, CA

Morro Bay

25 September 2007
We made it! The hope was that we would have a nice breeze behind us so that we could make it to San Simeon before dark and anchor there. With that in mind, we got up early and left Monterey at 0530 Monday morning. It looked good for awhile, but then the wind died and didn't pick up again until Nepenthe. By then it was too late for San Simeon, so we kept going all night and arrived in Morro Bay this morning. It's beautiful here and warm!

We're docked at the Morro Bay Yacht Club. (The photo was taken from our bow.) They didn't even mind that we don't belong to a yacht club. We plan to spend two nights and then head for the Channel Islands. But, as you know by now, it's difficult to plan much on a boat.
Vessel Name: Solstice
Vessel Make/Model: Sceptre 41
Hailing Port: San Francisco, CA, USA
Crew: John Forbes and Shirlee Smith
About: Our crew is Märzen (our miniature dachshund) and whoever else is aboard at the moment, if anyone. We welcome friends and family to join us as crew for specific legs of our voyage or to visit at a destination.
Extra: We left San Francisco May 1, 2006, on our proposed 10-year voyage, now reduced to five years due to the economic crisis. Visit our home website for photos, more words, and links.
Home Page: http://www.svsolstice.com


Who: John Forbes and Shirlee Smith
Port: San Francisco, CA, USA